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Larende Railway Underpass Asphalted

Karaman Municipality and TCDD in cooperation, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project asphalt paving works under the Larende underpass has started. The end of the Larende underpass, which connects the city center with Larende and the Sumerian Quarter. [more…]


Work Continues in Malatya Northern Belt Road

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues its works intensively on the Kaynarca-Melekbaba line of the Northern Belt road. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the 13.3 kilometer section of the North Belt road with a total length of 12.1 kilometers, has been excavating in the Kaynarca-Melekbaba stage [more…]

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01 Adana

First Stage in Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard

19 in direction of Kurttepe is opened to traffic in May at the Different Level Junction Project implemented by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality on Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard which unravels traffic nodes one by one. Adana Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

35 Izmir

Ferryboat Ferry Arrives from Güzelbahçe to Konak

Aiming to make more use of the Gulf in urban transportation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started the cruises that the people of Güzelbahçe have been waiting for with excitement. President Aziz is among the passengers of the ship, which made its first voyage from Güzelbahçe Pier to Konak at 07.35 in the morning. [more…]