Elon Musk's Ultra Fast Hyperloop Ride Only 1 Dollar

elon muskin ultra-fast hyperloopuna ride only 1 dollars
elon muskin ultra-fast hyperloopuna ride only 1 dollars

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company, talked about the crazy transportation project to end the traffic problem in Los Angeles.

Musk, who deserved his nickname the real life Iron Man, is preparing to realize one of the most remarkable projects of the last years.

The Los Angeles Tunnel, which initially started as a dream, but later became a reality with the support it received, is built on an infrastructure that will rapidly remove the cars in the tunnel at 200 km per hour.

Tünel, which will extend along the 2.5 mile under the city of California, continues its drilling at full speed. Another aim of this project, which will significantly relax the city traffic, is to create intercity connection tunnels.

In an information session at The Boring Company in Los Angeles, Musk called the Los Angeles traffic ot the seventh or eighth floor of hell The, saying he was late for the event due to traffic on the highway.

Musk said, ini This problem in the big cities of the USA almost destroys our souls. Digging a tunnel is one of several ways to solve this problem. T

The famous inventor said the 5-kilometer portion of the test path for the high-speed train project, Hyperloop, was completed, adding that people who want to experience this experience can participate in Hyperloop trips for only $ 1.

Promising an eight-minute trip from Los Angeles city center to the airport, Musk said the car could receive around 16 passengers each time.

Underlining that the project was supported by official institutions, the entrepreneur said, altın We can build hundreds of tunnels according to need, there is no limit. If this system is more demanded, it can go much more than the target, Bu he said.

Musk did not forget to touch Uber's flying taxi project. Den You can't fly helicopters between neighborhoods without disturbing people, den the inventor said, noting that all the digging and drilling needed to build Hyperloop was not noticed because it was too far from the city and didn't bother anyone. Uber plans to start flying taxi service in 2020 in Los Angeles.

Musk also said he wanted to move the tunnel project to other big cities, and he even said that talks with New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC governors had been positive and had received an oral approval from local governments.

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