International Notifications for Istanbul New Airport

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the opening of the Istanbul New Airport at 29 October 2018 is no longer just discourse. We also made notifications to open. It fell into the systems of all civilian aviation and air transport authorities. Sivil

Arslan, in his statement, pointing out that the realization of the 89 at the Istanbul New Airport as of today, the opening of the airport at 29 2018 October is no longer the only discourse, he said.

Regarding the new airport, IMA will be opened in October 29 for both IATA and ICAO. Arslan said that ıla Civilian aviation and air transport authorities fell into the systems of all. Preparations for this are continuing simultaneously. Da

Arslan stated that they had previously done the tests of the tracks and said Devlet Now, as of May, 15 started the test process with the airplanes belonging to the State Airports Authority (DHMİ). Ars

Arslan said that the tests will take about 1 months and emphasized that the aviation industry does not accept mistakes.

”Wikipedia didn't take the step“

Arslan, as in every part of the world people want to use Wikipedia, he said. The Ministry and the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) as voluntary editors by the correction of errors demanded to be allowed Arslan, said:

"Although the system they walk through volunteer editor for editors who want to prevent intervention from Turkey. We warned, they didn't do it. The court took a decision, the publication of the decision was stopped. We are constantly in touch to open the broadcast again. Because we would like this service to continue if people will come to our country from a place. However, they have not taken any steps to implement court decisions, release editors, or correct corrupt information. From the moment they step in, the courts will take the necessary corrective decisions and we will make the necessary implementation. Adım

”We gave the cyber security test“

As a ministry, they are vigilant in order to provide a healthy service during the election period and they are working in coordination with many ministries, institutions and organizations. Arslan, said:

Uz We don't say 'this experience is enough for us bu. Abusive people in this sector, depending on the development of technology, develop their own methods and channels. They can make even more high-level attacks. We are both updating our works to be prepared for this with our friends and we also continue to provide services with our equipment including the latest technology. As to how we can work as a government for the healthy, complete and error-free access of the citizens to the polls, we also do the necessary work in the field of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Our teams are at the beginning of 7 hours of 24 hours. Ekip

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