Railway Systems Engineer Candidates Continues to Develop with the Association of Rail Systems and METRORAY

Turkey's rail operations in order to be trained and qualified experts in the development of systems sector Rail Association, the only candidate engineers of the Rail Systems Engineering in Karabük University in Turkey, and organizes vocational training in order to contribute to the professional development of engineers graduating from this section. The training modules prepared in many subjects for rail systems and important engineering information are conveyed with the support of the experts of the rail systems industry, leading institutions, organizations and companies.

Rail Systems Society, which was held "in the first part of the Rail Electrification Training Module, the company METRORAY Electromechanical Works Chief Solomon was held with the participation of Akparlak. 21-22 April 2018 occurred in history and 10 hours in 2-day training: Electrification Systems, Electrification Plant, Substations, Catenary Systems, catenary pole planting and Line Nutrition Plan issues have been committed.

The officials of the Rail Systems Association and the participants of the training expressed their gratitude to Süleyman Akparlak and Metroray for their support to the event. He stated that they would make a request for such studies to continue.

Education, Mr. Suleiman Akparlak, the management by the board, for their contribution and support was terminated by the Rail Systems presented a plaque of appreciation on behalf of the Association.

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