07 Antalya

Varsak Sarısu Between Express Line

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of its efforts to increase citizen satisfaction in public transportation, served the VS18 Express line betweenvark and Sarısu. Sarisu recreation area, women's beach and cable car in 40 minutes from Varsak [more…]

01 Adana

Like Eskişehir, Adana Revolted

Kayseri City Hospital tram line was made by the Ministry in Adana was met with reaction. Regional newspaper, "Kayseri, there is no Adana" was commented on the title. The tram line that will go to the city hospital in Kayseri will be built by the Ministry. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Gold Year For Istanbul With 3.Airport

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, who participated in the opening of Tourism Week, said, “Istanbul is one of the leading tourism cities in the world. There's even more. We come to our country as if the tourists come to our house [more…]


Trabzon Light Rail System Project in Ministry of Transport

When the Light Rail System Project, which is planned to be built in Trabzon, could not be started, the realization of the budget rate remained at 55.… Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu stated that the project is being carried out through the General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transportation. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]