'Bursa Rail Systems Workshop' Held at BTSO

btsoda bursa rail systems carried out calista
btsoda bursa rail systems carried out calista

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which carries on Ur-Ge and Clustering projects for rail systems, held the 'Bursa Rail Systems Workshop'. indicating the last 5 years they worked with close to 20 companies in Bursa Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan said that the work on the mill train project is in full swing.

BTSO has signed an important program for the Rail Systems sector. 'Bursa Rail Systems Workshop' was held in the Chamber Service Building. Cüneyt Şener, Vice Chairman of BTSO, Prof. TÜVASAŞ Chairman of the Board. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan, ASELSAN and TÜLOMSAŞ experts and sector representatives attended. Vice President Cuneyt Sener, particularly in Turkey in the 2000s, spread rapidly since the beginning of the use of the rail system, he said exhibited a strong will to develop the technology in this field. More than 30 URA-D, clustering and HIS project with hundreds of companies in Turkey's domestic and voicing put together for national targets Sener, "Business of our people with the great support of our trusting government to the outstanding efforts and entrepreneurs Turkey's first indigenous tram we were able to produce in this city . With our strong self-confidence, strong will, business representatives, our local metro under the leadership of our Chamber, our domestic tank, our domestic aircraft, while we rolled up our sleeves, we brought the production center of the national car to our Bursas thanks to the strong infrastructure we created. Thanks to the technological breakthrough which is an important milestone on the road to independence of our country, Turkey, in 2023, 2053 and 2071 will be walked confidently to the target. " said.


TÜVASAŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan stated that they came to Bursa to meet suppliers and underlined that they have been working with 5 companies in Bursa in the last 20 years. TÜVASAŞ 70 years ago abroad is an institution engaged in the maintenance and repair from cars, since 1985 in Turkey Wagon Industry as Kocaarslan noted that continues to work, "an organization that makes the entire system of them all, especially carrying passengers. With the commissioning of our aluminum body factory in 2019, the total number of our factories increased to 6. Now our institution broke its shell. We aim to turn into a technological company so that we can be a company that produces its own vehicles. ”


Kocaarslan, who also gave information about the works on the national train project, said, “Our national train has now appeared. A vehicle is about to land. Everything finished, engine and air conditioner installed. The dressing of the second vehicle is at 60 percent. The other vehicle is also coming out of the paint. Our 4th vehicle is currently in production. The work of our 5th vehicle continues. When we make it a set, we'll get it on the rails. Domestic companies in this sector kazanwe want to climb. We set up mass production lines. Everything is ok. A huge vehicle appears, with dozens of control systems with 40 kilometers of cable inside. 25 meters long. We will continue to sign new projects and studies by working together with our business world.” used the phrases.


İlhan Kocaarslan said that they have a turnover of 500 million liras as a company. “We will introduce ourselves to the world.” Kocaarslan said, “We want to become an organization that produces international standards. As a vision, we aim to ensure that it is a brand that makes world-class design and production in the railway vehicle sector carrying passengers. ”


BUTEKOM General Manager Mustafa Hatipoğlu said that BTSO started clustering activities in the field of rail systems and space aviation defense in 2013. Emphasizing that cluster companies make important contributions to domestic and national investments, Hatipoğlu added that nearly 100 companies took part in the Rail Systems cluster. Bursa companies made presentations with TÜVASAŞ, Aselsan and TÜLOMSAŞ experts at the 'Rail Systems Workshop'. The program continued with bilateral business negotiations.

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