De Urfa Card Period Begins in Birecik

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its transformations in order to provide comfortable, comfortable and reliable transportation in all districts, started the Urfa Card period in Birecik this time. Mayor Nihat wishes the application to be beneficial to all Birecik people [more…]

astonished cars
Intercity Railways

800 Cars Passed by Train Surprised

Karaman said hundreds of vehicles by rail for the first time in Turkey was understood to be a part of this year, starting with railway freight car. Approximately 800 car transported by train from Karaman [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Year of 2018 Rail Lines in Istanbul

Many of Istanbul's rail system projects will be completed by the end of the year. 111 km will be added to the rail system In Istanbul, the end of most of the rail transportation systems that are being built with intensive works are approaching the end. Excavation and [more…]

my car in the train minibuse
7 Russia

Crimea, Train, Minibus Hit

There was a terrible accident in Crimea, which Russia annexed while on the borders of Ukraine. Train, hit the van trying to cross uncontrolled passage. 5 people lost their lives in the accident. A train in the Crimea, connected to Russia, through an uncontrolled passage [more…]


OMU Reaches Tram in June

The 3 stage of the Light Rail System, which is conducted by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, is completed in June. The rail system that will go to OMÜ will be 6,4 with a length of 10 kilometers. Also new to 11 municipal for this stage [more…]


Northern Antep Viaduct Rising

The Gaziantep Northern Antep Road Viaduct construction, which will provide connection to the city center and the residential area within the scope of the “Northern City” project of 50 thousand houses prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, is planned to be completed in September. Greater mega [more…]