Public Transport World, Three Different Train to Meet in Turkey

Every year, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) organizes training programs in different parts of the world. So far 53 has participated in training programs in different countries. 900-3 will be held in Istanbul in the ecek Public Transport Management Tenders and Contracts X training; Legal structuring of public transportation, institutional formation of administrations and operators, management tenders as well as gross cost, net cost and management contract models will be examined.

Training in detail in the 1370 / 2007 directive regulating the contracts and contracts of the European Union public transport; is provided by experienced and international trainers. In addition, 6-8 in September, "Public Transport Network Design, Scheduling and Business Planning" training in Kayseri and Cappadocia and "Electric Bus" training; 28-30 will perform in November in Izmir.

Within the scope of the training, it is planned to organize a technical trip including electric bus operation, maintenance and repair and garage in order to reinforce the subject. These trainings, which should not be missed, will bring together senior executives from the world's leading transportation administrations, industry organizations and operators.

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Appendix.1: 2018 Training Programs
March-December 2018

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
Munich, Germany, 19-21 March

Bus Management Planning, Scheduling and Management
Hamburg, Germany, 16-18 April

Basics of Public Transport
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 3-5

Service Quality Management in Public Transport
In cooperation with EU Business School
Munich, Germany, May 14-16

Integrated Transport Platform (MaaS)
Vienna, Austria, 28-30 May

Passenger Information Design, Steering Marks and Direction Finding
Paris, France, 25-27 June

Public Transport Management Tenders and Contracts
Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-5

Electric Buses
Cologne, Germany, 2-4 July

Electric Buses
China, September

Driverless Metros
Singapore, 3-5 September

Public Transport Network Design, Scheduling and Operation Planning
Kayseri / Cappadocia, Turkey, 6-8 September

Service Quality Management in Public Transport
Dubai, UAE, 18-20 September

Bus Line Network Design and Planning
Barcelona, ​​Spain, 1-3 October

Autonomous Transportation
Lyon, France, 15-17 October

Cyber ​​security
In cooperation with EU Business School
Barcelona, ​​Spain, 22-24 October

Basics of Public Transport
Singapore, 12-14 November

Driverless Metros
Milan, Italy, 19-21 November

Crowd and Security Management in Public Transport
Tokyo, Japan, 20-22 November

Bus Purchase and Commissioning
Dubai, UAE, 25-27 November

Business Intelligence, Open Data and Big Data Analytics
Brussels, Belgium, 26-28 November

Electric Buses
Izmir, Turkey, in November 28-30

Basics of Public Transport
Brussels, Belgium, 3-5 December

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