Izmir's Project is on the World Showcase

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which advocates a healthy urbanization model against environmental problems that threaten the future of the world, is also a pioneer in the international arena with the projects and practices it has developed. 2,5 million Euro grant from the European Union with the project named “UrbanGreenUp” kazanAn Metropolitan Municipality hosted the “Horizon 2020-International Green Infrastructure Workshop” organized in this context.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe said, "We do our work for the protection of soil, water and air, not by imposing a grant from the European Union, but because we believe it is correct, based on reason and science."

The steps to be taken for a greener Izmir by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which won the first place among 2020 international projects within the scope of the European Union's highest budget grant program "HORIZON 39", were once again discussed. “Horizon 2020-International Green Infrastructure Workshop”, where the practices that will shape the future of the city are discussed, was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center with the participation of representatives of Spain's Valladolid and England's Liverpol cities as well as many local and foreign experts. At the workshop, the right to receive a grant of 2,5 million EUR from the EU, prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality together with Izmir Institute of Technology, Ege University, Bitnet and Demir Energy. kazanThe project named “UrbanGreenUp” was introduced to the participants.

Rail system investments will reduce carbon emissions
The opening speech of the workshop was made by the Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Mr. Grant Gokce, largest city in Turkey stepped in to reduce the carbon emissions of a single local government stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality said:
“Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is researching nature-based solutions, taking important steps towards switching from rubber wheels to electric and rail systems in public transportation. Rail systems will significantly reduce carbon emissions as well as making transportation comfortable. Similarly, we are making our bus fleet electrified. We are making large-scale investments that will transform solar energy into electrical energy "

Our point of departure is people's need for air, water and soil
Stating that the first step of the project was taken last June, Dr. Buğra Gökçe, summarizing the urban infrastructure strategy of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said:
“İzmir Metropolitan Municipality conducts a series of studies to minimize global climate change, prevent floods and protect biodiversity. Our starting point is that people on earth breathe the same air, drink from the same water, and benefit from the same soil. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing priority projects to reduce carbon emissions with the basic philosophy of ensuring sustainable living by minimizing the factors that pollute our air, soil and water. Investments were made in the field of electric buses, rail systems and solar energy. IZSU General Directorate is spending the budget it receives for the protection of earth resources. İzmir is about 10 times ahead of Istanbul and Ankara in terms of treated water per capita. Our effort to treat wastewater is in line with our effort to keep the bay clean. We make an effort to separate the rainwater and sewage and clean it to the point where it meets the sea. İzmir pays attention to both drinking clean water and bringing clean water to the sea. Keeping our soil clean is also very important for future generations. İzmir consists of basins suitable for agriculture. Intensive production is carried out in 3 important agricultural basins such as Küçük Menderes, Gediz and Bakırçay. However, as in many cities of the country and the world, these basins are also under the dirty pressure of industry. "

”Not because it is Europe but because it is true“
Saying that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also works to support producers in order to make good and organic agriculture in the basins of the city, Gökçe said, “The needs of producers from manure to cold storage are met in the rural areas and they are provided to reach the citizens. For the project that we will carry out with the support of the European Union, we determined two main water beds in the north of the city. We will start working on the Peynircioğlu and Çiğli streams. We took the first and important step in Peynircioğlu Creek. Hallkpark, which is under construction, can be called the first step of this work. We will work in both green areas and recreation areas in Çiğli Stream, İzmir Wildlife Park and Menemen Plain. With this project, we want to create spaces where the citizens can breathe, minimize the urbanization pressure, and protect agricultural areas. A feverish work continues within the framework that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu describes as “Local Development”. "We do these studies not by imposing a grant from the European Union, but because we believe it is correct, based on reason and science."

At the Horizon 2020-International Green Infrastructure Workshop, Raul Sanchez from CARTIF, Spain and Magdelana Rozanska from ACCIONA made presentations on Çalış Renewal of City Methodology H. Workshop 3 will continue with meetings throughout the day.

EU's largest grant in one item
"HORIZON 2020-Smart Cities and Communities Program" aims to solve problems such as climate change in cities, uncontrolled urban growth, flood risk, food and water security, loss of biodiversity, deterioration of the urban natural environment, rehabilitation of dirty-abandoned-idle urban areas. aims to develop "nature based solutions". HORIZON 2020 also stands out as the highest budget grant program run by the European Union. Within the framework of the program, the 2.5 million Euro grant to be received by İzmir is one of the biggest grants given by the EU in an item.

Izmir will be a pioneer
entitlement to grant kazanEmphasizing innovative practices to protect the environment in the area from Mavişehir to the Natural Life Park, from the Çamaltı Saltpan to the Menemen Plain, İzmir, Valladolid and Liverpool are the pioneers and implementers of nature-based projects for European and world cities. will play a role. With the exemplary application projects to be made in İzmir; KarşıyakaInnovative practices will be carried out to protect the environment from Izmir to the Izmir Wildlife Park, from the Menemen Plain to the Çamaltı Saltpan.

What will happen when the project is completed?
Within the framework of the "Sustainable Energy Action Plan" signed in 2015, İzmir will reduce its carbon emissions by 2020% until 20. While achieving this, it will set an example with its clean and environmentally friendly tram, improved bicycle path network and municipal structures that meet their energy from 100% renewable energy sources. The sample applications developed within the scope of "UrbanGreenUP" will be a symbol for these goals that should be achieved by 2020. It will also set an example for what needs to be done within the framework of climate change adaptation committed in 2040.
In addition, sample applications implemented with the "UrbanGreenUp" project will be spread throughout the city in accordance with the "Izmir Green Infrastructure Strategy".

In the project, meeting the urbanists with the agricultural and agricultural producers cooperatives and ecological work-workspaces in harmony with İzmir's local development goals will be established. Support will be given to many important practices and activities that will improve urban agriculture, improve food safety and environmental awareness.

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