Permission for Amateur Musicians Playing Music in Metro Wagons in Ankara

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, metro stations and metro wagons, provided that they do not collect money, amateur artists who announced that music will be allowed.

Amateur artists, the Metropolitan Municipality in exchange for permission to get comfortably in the subway stations and subway cars, performing in the arts that can give the President Tuna, said:

Ik In the capital, we have carried out many works in line with the demands of our citizens from transportation, water, construction to various activities. However, we strive to meet the demands of our capitalists in every field. Citizens, how happy it is to listen to the pleasant music, we also want to open the way we want to listen to music. From now on, our amateur artists will be able to perform their art by their hearts. Bundan


Emphasizing that amateur artists can freely play music in many countries of the world, President Tuna said, “In Ankara, we received various requests from our citizens on this issue and we decided to lift the current ban. Instead of prohibiting and alienating, we adopt an understanding of management that acts hand in hand and with common mind. Already today, the AK Party standing up against prohibitionist mentality, developing policies for the welfare and happiness of society, has brought Turkey to this point, "he said.


Ir The municipality works for the people. Citizen, whatever he wants, is our priority. Özen President Tuna asked the musicians to take care not to disturb the citizens and continued:

. We should do our best to ensure that this work is not exploited, nor cause any disturbance, and we should take the necessary measures. If we can create a smile on the face of our people in an order and order, we are happy. Supporting art and the artist is a national duty. We just want them to practice their art. We want this to be a supportive art rather than a revenue door. We expect our artists to perform their music without disturbing citizens with certain limits and certain instruments. We will be the Capital in art as in many other subjects da



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