34 Istanbul

70 Km Metro Coming to Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has pushed the button for the new 70 kilometer line in Istanbul. The new 70 kilometer line, which covers the whole of Istanbul, will start with the tender to be held in 26 March. What the route of the line will be [more…]

34 Istanbul

Boarding Desks Began to Be Settled at the 3rd Airport

Boarding counters have started to be placed in the construction of Istanbul New Airport, which is still under construction. İGA İnşaat officials shared photos of boarding counters Terminal boarding counters during the construction process of Istanbul New Airport, which will be the largest in the world [more…]

16 Bursa

30 Million Lira Credit to BURULAŞ

Nowadays, long / short-term debt in the name of Turkey and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa agenda often referred to Alinur Aktas new management decided to apply the same way in order to meet the urgent financial needs of the Presidency [more…]

35 Izmir

Pay As You Go System in ESHOT Buses

Mayor Kocaoğlu announced that they will apply the 'pay as you go' system, which they started in İZBAN, to the municipal buses operating in 19 districts of İzmir outside the metropolitan area. Reactions to the 'pay as you go' system, which was started on February 15 in İZBAN [more…]