ATO President, Bozankayan's Local Metro Vehicles Examined

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Gursel Baran, Turkey's first domestic production of metro vehicles starting ATO members were Bozankaya, visited the plant in Xinjiang. Metro tools Baran information about the area, "Turkey's first domestically manufactured subway car in Ankara and we are proud to be a member of the ATO companies engaged in it," he said.

During his visit, Baran was accompanied by Mustafa Deryal, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATO, Selahattin Karaoğlan, Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Musa Pireci, Chairman of the Special Envelopment Commission on Domestic Procurement and Commercial Cooperation in Public Procurement;

ATO Chairman Baran and his delegation visited production facilities show that Bozanka Chairman of Aytunç Gunay, providing information about the subway cars which will be held in Thailand's capital Bangkok to export, "a metro vehicles will be exported abroad made for the first time in Turkey," he said. Günay said that the consortium they established with the Siemens car tender won the car and the production of the car took place by Bozankaya. Iyum This metro work was a great know-how transfer. Siemens has provided us with significant technology transfer. We were planning to finish our own vehicle in an 3 year-long process. 1-1,5 will take out our own metro vehicle during the year, X he said. Gunay, 65 percent of the production rate they are doing, the state will guarantee that the rate of purchase if the state will increase. "As a country we have to create a brand value in every sector and we need to open exports to the world," said Gunay, Turkey's first domestic hundred percent that produces electric buses and also gave information about many exporting countries Bozankaya R & D activities and projects.


ATO President Baran emphasized in his speech that Bozankaya, a member of ATO, contributed a great contribution to the national economy with its high-tech production. Ank We are proud of the existence of such a company in Ankara. It is very important for us to provide this kind of employment, to export to the developed countries, to sell our products, to make it national in the percentage of 60-70 and to support the closure of the current deficit which is the most important problem of this country. The added value for Turkey, indicating that a more prosperous weight should be given to high production Baran, "Local and national production, employment and exports mean? We call domestic and national production for a strong economy that is not dependent on the outside. In order to provide added value and employment opportunities to sustain the growth of the labor force in Turkey it needs to pass higher production economics field. In this difficult period we are going through, all with strong local and national projects should give support to Turkey with the hands of the union, "he said.

Baran, in his speech, emphasized the importance of domestic and national production at every opportunity ATO and conference, panel, workshop, such as programs on the agenda to keep trying to keep said. Baran said that the public has an active role in domestic and national production. In order to draw attention to the support of domestic and national production in the public procurement of ATO, Baran will organize a an Role of Public Procurement in Technological Transformation: Local and He also gave information about the. National Production bilgi Conference.

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