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Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Gursel Baran, Turkey's first domestic production of metro vehicles starting ATO member Bozankayavisited and examined the facilities of Turkey in Sincan. Metro tools Baran information about the area, "Turkey is a member of ATO's first underground vehicle that domestic firms to produce and it gives us pride in Ankara," he said.

During his visit, Baran was accompanied by ATO Vice Chairman Mustafa Deryal, Board Member Selahattin Karaoğlan, Domestic Contribution and Commercial Cooperation Special Expertise Commission President Musa Pireci, Vice Chairman Mehmet Kına and Council Member Nuh Acar.

ATO President Baran and the accompanying delegation to tour the production facilities Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave information about the metro vehicles that will be exported to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and said, "A metro vehicle will be made in Turkey for the first time and exported abroad." The consortium they established with Siemens for the metro vehicle tender in Thailand kazanbusiness, vehicle production BozankayaGünay said, “This subway work has been a great transfer of know-how for us. Siemens provided us with significant technology transfer. We were thinking of finishing our own vehicle in a 3-year period, kazanWith the experience we have gained, we have taken this to the fore. We will launch our own metro vehicle in 1-1,5 years," he said. Günay emphasized that they are producing with a locality rate of 65 percent, and that the localization rate will increase if the government gives a purchase guarantee. Saying, "As a country, we need to create a brand value in every sector and open up to the world with exports," Günay said, "We need to produce Turkey's first domestic, XNUMX% electric bus and export it to many countries." BozankayaHe also gave information about the R&D studies and projects of.


ATO President Baran, in his speech, ATO member Bozankaya Emphasizing that his company makes a great contribution to the country's economy with its high technology production, he said, “The existence of such a company in Ankara makes us proud. "It is very important for us that you provide employment, export to developed countries, sell our products, make this 60-70% national, and support the closure of the current account deficit, which is the most important problem of this country." The added value for Turkey, indicating that a more prosperous weight should be given to high production Baran, "Local and national production, employment and exports mean? We call domestic and national production for a strong economy that is not dependent on outside. added value in order to provide employment opportunities to continue its growth in Turkey's economy and labor need to pass in high production areas. In this difficult period we are going through, all with strong local and national projects should give support to Turkey with the hands of the union, "he said.

In his speech, Baran said that ATO emphasized the importance of domestic and national production at every opportunity and that they tried to keep the issue on the agenda with programs such as conferences, panels and workshops. Explaining that the public also plays an active role in domestic and national production, Baran said, “The Role of Public Procurement in Technological Transformation: He also gave information about the “National Production” Conference.

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