China Companies sign Tehran-Masat Electrification Agreement

Chinese companies signed Tehran-Mashat Electrification Contract: Iran signed the contract for the installation and maintenance of electrification equipment on the Tehran Mashat line and purchase of 70 electric locomotives. The contract for the 926 km line was signed with a consortium of Chinese companies CMC and SU Power and subsidiaries of the local industrial group MAPNA.

Iran's national railways, engineering, procurement, construction and finance contract was signed on 29 June 2014. Work for the modernization of the line began in February 2012.

Under this project, the existing infrastructure will be transformed into a high-speed train line. The maximum speed will be increased to 200 km / h and will allow a capacity of 250 km / h in the future. The travel time is expected to decrease from 12 hours to 6 hours.

The construction period in the project will be 42 months and then the 5 year maintenance process. The project is funded by China and will contribute 15 to the Iranian Government.

On the other hand, MAPNA 2008 provides locomotives under the Technology Transfer Agreement signed with Siemens. Half of the 150 IranRunner Diesel Locomotives have been delivered.



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