Plus Money Period 15 in İZBAN Starts in February

IZBAN, the largest suburban system of our country with the length of 136 kilometers, goes to the new system called Para Plus Money X on February 15 Thursday. In the new application, passengers will be able to travel up to 25 kilometers by paying 2,86 TL, and then only pay for the distance traveled.

İZBAN, which operates the 136 kilometer line even from Aliağa at one end of İzmir to Selçuk at the other end, goes on to the new system called “Plus Money X on 15 February Thursday.


Plus Money System, consists of easy stages. In the first stage, in order for the passenger to board a ride to İZBAN, the transportation fee of the station at the furthest distance from the station to which he will make boarding must be on the Izmirim Card. In the second step, the fare of the most remote station that the passenger can go to during the passage of the turnstile will be blocked on the card. If the passenger has traveled up to 25 kilometers, the kaldır Plus Money Machine ”will remove the blockage on the card and will only be charged for the distance traveled. This fee will be full 2,86 TL, teacher 2.20 TL, 60 TL for student and 1,65 age again, as in the current situation. If the journey is more than 25 kilometers, 7 penny per kilometer from full tickets, 5 penny from teachers, 60 penny from students and 4 age tickets will be collected and removed from the blockage. By this way, the passengers of İZBAN will not pay the transportation fee


Passing by removing the card blockage from the IZBAN departing passengers, 90 minutes of the current transfer right will be able to use as before. Passengers who transfer to İZBAN within the 90 minute period by using another public transport will be as low as the first ticket they pay. So in this case, passengers will have the right to transfer 90 minutes.

PROCESSING TIME ONLY 0,5 will last seconds

The number of Plus Money Machine, where passengers will remove card blockages, was determined according to the daily passenger entry for each station. In this way, passengers will be able to process 0,5 seconds in a very short time without any waiting on the machines whose numbers are kept high. Painted in a remarkable orange color, the Plus Money Machines were placed in areas where passengers could easily see them at each station. IZBAN management, which has started to hang instructions and warnings for the machines, will also put banners indicating the required balance amount at the entrance of each station. This way, the passenger will be able to easily learn the required card balance before using Payload.


Passengers are required to pay the amount of card balance required for each station and the transportation fee to pay according to the station they are going to. is learn with special software at. It is sufficient for the passenger to select only the boarding and landing stations in the software. At the end of the selection, the required balance and the amount of blockage and the blockage to be removed at the exit will appear on the screen.


Passengers need to pay close attention to two important details in the unblocking process. Following the first entry to the station for the unblocking process, the passenger will have 3 hours and will have to perform this operation without leaving another public public transportation vehicle after leaving İZBAN. In other words, after leaving İZBAN Plus Passing Money Machine, Izmir Metro, ESHOT or Izdeniz transfer passengers, blockage will not be able to do. In addition, the passenger must travel at least one station for unblocking.


For a passenger boarding from Alsancak to İZBAN:

According to the new system, each station has a different fare. For example; Alsancak Station `s first boarding passengers who go to the most remote point in the balance of the public transport card Alsancak-Selçuk fee (Full: 6,50 TL, Student: 3,73 TL, Teacher: 4,80 TL) will be blocked. If the passenger's distance is located in the 25 kilometer, the full 2,86 TL, 2,20 TL for the teacher, and 60 TL for the student and 1.65 age will be charged. If the distance is over 25 kilometers, additional mileage will be charged for the 7 penny for the teacher, 5 penny for the teacher, 60 penny for the student and 4 age, and the remaining blockage plus machine will be removed.

For a passenger arriving to Alsancak with 90 minutes transfer:

For example, passengers who come to Alsancak Station with a 90-minute transfer, deducting the first boarding fee from the blocked fee to be charged (Full: 3,64 TL (6,50 TL - 2,86 TL), Student: 2,08 TL (3,73 TL - 1,65 TL), Teacher: 2,60 TL (4,80 TL-2,20 TL) will be blocked.

For a passenger arriving to Şirinyer with an 90 minute transfer:

If a passenger who comes to Şirinyer for 2,86 TL by bus wants to go to Menemen with İZBAN; 3,22 TL (6,08 TL - 2,86 TL = 3,22 TL) will be placed on your card as it comes with a transfer while boarding from Şirinyer Station. When the passenger lands in Menemen, the distance between Şirinyer and Menemen is more than 25 km, and the extra distance he travels will be 0,98 TL, for 2,24 TL (3,22 TL - 0,98 TL = 2,24 TL). unblocking will be removed.

For a passenger coming to Halkapınar by Metro:

If a passenger who comes to Halkapınar by Izmir Metro for 2,86 TL, wants to use the right to transfer 90 minutes and go to the airport with İZBAN, it comes with a transfer when boarding from Halkapınar Station, 3,85 TL (6,71 TL - 2,86 TL = 3,85 TL) will be blocked. When the passenger lands at the airport, since the distance between Halkapınar and the Airport is less than 25 km, no extra fee will be charged and the blockage of 3,85 TL will be completely removed.

Click here for the valid IZBAN Tariff from 15.02.2018

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