Logistics Center Will Add Strength to Bursan's Competitiveness

BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa in order to get a higher share of the world trade in the macro level between the projects they carry out 'Logistic Center, stating that,' 'work in the scope of the project continues at full speed. Turkey will shape the future of beginning production centers located in Bursa, sea, road and rail to be used together, are getting a proper integrated transport center, "he said.

Turkey's production and export hub of Bursa Burkay President indicating that the industrial sector as a significant change and transformation processes in the commercial field, "the determinant of civilization and development, transport is an alternative and quality. In this sense, as BTSO, with the leadership of our Ministry of Transport, Journalism and Maritime, we aim to bring our region to an even higher position in terms of trade. At this point, our work continues in full swing. Bu


Ibrahim Burkay pointed out that Bursa has a very important potential in land, sea and air transportation. He said that the 'Logistics Council' they have created within the body of BTSO brings together the dynamics of the city around the common mind desk. President Burkay emphasized that the necessary physical arrangements and investment priorities were determined in order to develop logistics facilities and they presented our workshop report on Logistics Center to Mr. Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Journalism and Maritime Affairs. As the Bursa business world, Mr. Minister gave the start of the works that were carried out in order to realize the demands that we presented as soon as possible. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Minister for his projects and the services offered to Bursa ıza.


Bursa business world as they led to Turkey's export target and project the President pointed out that the plan through a logistics network to support the city's foreign trade volume Burkay, relating to work carried out under the project gave the following information: "Akdeniz - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train stage of Gemlik to assess in terms of logistics Railroad Constance Line Project was completed and the manufacturing phase was started. In accordance with the construction of the logistics center, the project related to the location of the Bursa - Bandırma route change and the location of the freight station has been moved to the final stage by the State Railways. The infrastructure works related to the cargo services of Yenişehir Airport were also completed. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, demand collection and feasibility studies continue. Söz


President of the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Teknosab connection to the Logistics Center was approved and the production phase was announced by the President Burkay, said: OS Zeytinbağı - Mudanya Provincial Road Project was also approved. Here, the expropriation process will start as soon as possible. Bursa, which is at the center of the giant transportation projects, continues its path confidently in the 'Logistics Center' target. With the realization of this center, the competitiveness of our companies will increase and our contributions to the national economy will reach higher levels. Bu

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