New era at Izmirim Card

A new era in İzmirim Card: The public transportation card of Izmir people is expanding the scope of İzmirim Card. From 1 September, Izmirim Card can be paid for many services such as car parks, Bisim, Cable Car, Izmir Wildlife Park, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area ice rink, smart toilets. In order to benefit from all these services, including public transportation, cards other than İzmirim Card need to be renewed by 30 November.
The scope of smart cards used in public transportation in Izmir is expanded to become a “city card”. With the project that will make moving in the city easier in every sense, payment can be made with İzmirim Card for many services such as car parks operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bisim, Cable Car, Izmir Wildlife Park, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area ice rink and smart toilets. New cards will be able to serve in different areas.
Existing balances will be transferred to İzmirim Kart
Until 31 August 2016, considering the card printing periods of the old type student and teacher card holders without “İzmirim Card” is ve is addresses were requested to apply for change.
The fee of 7 TL, which is the renewal fee of the personalized cards to be replaced, can be deposited online at the application or from any branch of Vakıflar Bank without charge and money transfer fee to the ESHOT General Directorate Institutional Collection account. In the new application for personalized cards, the exchange and renewal fee will be 10 TL.
It is reported that the deadline for filling the old type cards is determined as 31 October 2016 and these cards will be invalid as of 30 November 2016. Existing balances will be transferred to Izmirim Kart 90 minutes system will continue to be the same. Those who have Izmirim Card will not make any changes. Remaining cards from the previous period will be renewed for a fee of 6 TL.
Card distribution schools and Hizmet Local Service Offices Kart
The cards belonging to the primary and high school students who apply for a change of card will be delivered to their schools in the 2016-2017 teaching period. The cards will be distributed by school administrations and no individual card will be delivered by ESHOT.
Elementary and high school students studying at Çeşme, Karaburun, Kemalpaşa, Menderes, Ödemiş, Seferihisar, Tire, Torbalı, Foça, Dikili, Kınık, Kiraz, Selçuk and Bergama will receive their cards from the local service offices of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Primary and secondary school students studying outside of Izmir will be able to receive their cards from ESHOT Transportation Cards Branch Directorate Card Distribution Offices located under Konak Storey Car Park. Card deliveries will be delivered from selected distribution locations in the form of card exchange application. The delivery of the cards will start in September of 2016.



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