TÜVASAŞ Personnel Promotion and Title Change Regulation Published

The regulation regarding the personnel of TÜVASAŞ General Directorate was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the Examination Regulations for Promotion and Title Change were stated in the Official Gazette.

Appointed to the Official Gazette today's issue of Turkey Wagon Industry Directorate General for Promotion and Change of Title of staff examination regulations were published. The procedures and principles for SMS and Title Change are specified in the published regulation.

Regarding the subject, in the regulation in question, “The purpose of this Regulation is; Within the framework of merit and career principles, based on service requirements and planning staff, Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation dismissed the rise of contract staff with officials serving in the Headquarters and to determine the procedures and principles for change of title. " statements were included.


As kamupersoneli.net, we share the general conditions to be sought in candidates within the scope of the Promotion Exam with our visitors according to the published regulations. According to this, the candidates must have the conditions "to have worked for at least six months at the General Directorate, to be successful in the promotion exam".


Candidates who will apply for the Title Change Exam must also meet some conditions. According to this, candidates will be asked “(2) The conditions to be sought in the appointments to be made through title change are stated below: a) To be appointed to the lawyer position; 1) To be a law school graduate, 2) To have an attorney license. b) To be appointed as engineer, architect, chemist; 1) To be graduated from faculties or related departments of four-year colleges. c) To be assigned to the programmer position; 1) To be a graduate of the faculty providing computer programming education or at least two years of higher education. ç) To be appointed to the economist position; 1) Being graduated from the relevant departments of universities.

d) To be appointed to the translator position; 1) To graduate from the departments of philology, translation, translation or other related departments whose language or branch is specified in the examination announcement of faculties or four-year colleges, 2) At least eighty points from the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, provided that it has been taken within the last three years before the application date, or To have a score equivalent to this score from an internationally valid exam accepted by the Presidency of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center. e) Technical Draftsman, to be appointed to technician positions; 1) To graduate from the relevant department of high school equivalent vocational or technical education schools. f) Nurse, to be appointed to laboratory positions; 1) Graduating from the relevant departments of universities, colleges or health vocational high schools. g) To be appointed to the technician position; 1) They must be graduated from the relevant departments of higher education schools providing at least two years of vocational or technical education.

For details of the Regulation on NMS and Title Change CLICK HERE.

Click here for TÜVASAŞ Rise and Title Change Regulation.

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