51 new public buses started service in Şanlıurfa

Within the scope of the 'Transformation in Public Transport' project implemented by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Transportation Coordination Center, 51 new public buses started to operate with a ceremony.

Stating that the owner of the service is the nation, Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said, "The smiling face of the nation is our face."

Sanliurfa and the township of the public transportation project in the transition process of the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality began the transformation of the public transport in the town of Siverek. Buses serving in the cooperative within the Siverek district were replaced with new ones and their numbers were increased.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Transportation Coordination Center received by the 51 public bus commenced service with a ceremony.

Buses designed according to disabled people have the capacity of 52 passengers and the last system includes cameras and air conditioners. Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, Siverek Deputy Mayor Hamdi Hatipoğlu, AK Party Siverek District Chairman İlhan Çelik, Siverek Public Bus Cooperative Chairman Mahmut Bozdağ, Headmen and vehicle owners and citizens attended to the ceremony held at Siverek Intercity Bus Terminal .

PRESIDENT FARMER, smiling face of the nation is our face

Explaining the projects of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in the district of Siverek, Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said that the owner of the service is the nation, the smiling face of the nation is our face and said: “Public transport was carried out by the cooperative in Siverek. This transportation system, capacity and quality did not suit our district of Siverek. The transportation capacity of Siverek district has been increased by our Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center unit. Siverek is growing, new neighborhoods are forming new routes and we have increased the vehicle capacity. We made a great contribution to our brothers who own vehicles.

The vehicles will be air conditioned, suitable for disabled people and will read the Sivereklular card with the Urfa card system and benefit from this service. This civic stance and beautiful approach of Siverek had a positive effect on the solution of the event and we put 51 vehicles together. We have the life of Siverek.

We carry young people, elderly people, students and women, and there will certainly be stress in daily life, but we always have a good-humored and good faith journey to our drivers Siverek and Şanlıurfa. We are making new innovations in transportation.

The owner of the service is the nation, the smiling face of the nation is our face. If we are satisfied with the nation, we are happy and if we are entitled to the trust, we put our heads in the evening and live comfortably. I wish the bus stops, the bus transfer center and our new buses to be good luck to the people of Siverek. ”

Siverek Acting Mayor Hamdi Hatipoglu thanked Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi for the works carried out in public transportation. After the turnkey ceremony, the guests cut the opening ribbon and made a city tour by bus.

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