Card54 usage reaches 94 million

Sharing the statistics on Kart54, which is the only payment option for public transport, Fatih Pistil said, leri The number of use of Kart54 has reached 94 million since it was commissioned. This year 96 500 thousand people, while the total number of kartxnumx kartxnumx'l of 54 thousand, "he said.

Providing fast, cheap and easy transportation to Sakarya by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Kart54 has reached the number of 94 million usage since it was put into service. Transfer to the 54 million Card94'ya reaching the head of Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, thanked all the Sakarya interest.

295 bin Card54
. The interest in Kart54, which is the only payment option for public transport, is increasing day by day. In 217, 54 thousand 96 applications were applied to Kart500. With this number, the total number of Kart54s in Sakarya reached 295. I would like to express our gratitude to all our fellow citizens who are interested in our Kart54 application, which provides fast and easy payment in transportation. Ulaşım

230 dealer
Pistil ended his statements as follows; UM We have increased the number of 5 filling points of our Kart54 to 8 with the kiosks we put in Mavi Durak, İhsaniye Garage and Yenicamii. In addition to our Yenicamii office, we have added the Middle Garage and Campus offices to our personalization services. We have a total of 230 dealers throughout our city. We have an extensive service network that is easily accessible with the expanded number of dealers. Information about our dealers is available at We will continue to facilitate the transportation of our citizens with the innovations that we have carried out in public transportation Toplu.

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