Van's New Name Belvan Card Begins

Van Metropolitan Municipality buses and private public buses 18 electronic ticket 'Belvan Card' period starts from November.

Parkomat system, new storage areas for public transportation vehicles, new intersections and stops, the city transport to the city of the last gift to the city of the electronic ticket 'Belvan Card' was the electronic ticket. The company has completed its hardware and infrastructural works for Belvan Kart, whose tender was completed a while ago. Belvan Card, 18 throughout the province will be used in buses of Metropolitan Municipality and private public buses starting from November.

Advantageous period of transportation

The electronic ticket system, which will offer great convenience to citizens and drivers by terminating the exchange of money in the vehicle, will also benefit from the time and labor force. Paper tickets used for the construction of paper and money to avoid the waste of smart tickets to be filled from many points can be done in Van. It will contribute to the production of daily and monthly passenger numbers by analyzing the transportation load and needs at different points of the city.

Belvan Card is a great convenience for disadvantaged citizens and especially students.

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