Railway Managers Come Together in Baku

BTK freight transport tariffs agreed on

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Caspian and Batumi port and railroad managers came together in Baku in November 16 2017.

During the meetings, the importance and importance of increasing the flow of freight between countries, the efficient use of the Trans-Caspian international transportation route, which is one of the important transport corridors in Eurasia, and the direction of the load flow to this corridor, were highlighted.

"It will be sent to Turkey via Azerbaijan loads from Russia"

In a statement, Cavid Gurbanov, the President of QSC, said that the operation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway made it possible for the Azerbaijani state to reveal its existence not only as a state that gives energy carriers to the world, but also as a transit state. .

Gurbanov said that they were trying to implement the single tariff issue in the corridors passing through Azerbaijan. Cı The main purpose of these meetings is to regulate the fees of container transportation, to ensure that the fees are competitive and suitable for businesses. We will not interfere with anyone, we do not intend to take away the burden of anyone, we will try to develop our corridor. Eye

Azerbaijan will play the role of bridge in the cargo transportation between Russia and Turkey, indicating A. Gurbanov said: "Our main job of our Kazakhstan is associated with Turkey. We must find the cargoes of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars will provide large profits to Azerbaijan. This railway will go up as well as Astana, Astana loads from Turkey 'go or will be provided. Both incoming and outgoing loads from Russia to Turkey we will go upon us. The world's largest wood exporter Russia, its largest recipient in Turkey. There are very large trade relations between them. There are densities in the ports on the Black Sea coast. We think that these loads will pass over Azerbaijan. Biz

. We have reduced the tariffs at this meeting. And Georgia, both Turkey and Kazakhstan government, as well as the Caspian Sea Shipping of Azerbaijan is out of the burden of providing both security, the regulation of both charges, we have confirmed both would be delivered to the address quickly the load.

Ona Load turnover between Kazakhstan and our country will reach to three million tons “

QSC President emphasized that the cargo turnover between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan increased by 9 percent in 251 months of this year compared to the previous year: “This corridor is now in operation. Loads should be over three million tons in 2019. We are not talking about existing loads, we are talking about new loads. It can be around 3,5 million - 4 million with current loads. This will generally be transit cargoes passing through Azerbaijan, and import products coming to Azerbaijan will be the export of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan. At the same time the delivery of cargo to Turkey's Central Asian countries as well. It is also formed around a million tons. These loads may increase even more. ”

Azerbaijan's Caspian Sea Shipping, QSC President Rauf Veliyev said, ini The 13 ferry was used by Caspian Sea Shipping, and two ferries were still under construction, and they would carry a load to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line with the existing infrastructure.

Tır This cooperation will benefit both states and the region “

General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Veysi Kurt said in his statement to the reporters that the volume of the cargoes carried with BTK will be increased in the future and said: konu As you know, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line 30 was opened in October with the participation of our President and the first trains were successfully transported from Baku. Turkey has successfully reached the city of Mersin. We planned this route as eight days, but it reached Mersine in seven days. Today, we are discussing with our friends how to use this corridor in the most efficient and efficient way and what the conditions of transportation in this corridor will be. In the meetings we have held with Current railway managers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China and Europe have opinions that reverse to Turkey and it has huge potential. In the initial phase, we think that the load, which is three million tons, will reach to six million tons in a short time. This cooperation with the friendly and brotherly countries will benefit both the countries and the region. This is particularly Azerbaijan who contributed to the opening of the railway line, the presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan Railways and other countries qsc'n President Javid Gurbanov and thank you to everyone who contributed. "

Kurt, Turkey, has passed the logistics of transportation, said they aimed to transport a wide geography from Beijing to London, "the results support our sector and our government in every sense of strength rail, anywhere will increase prosperity reached, will further solidify their sense of peace and brotherhood. We are working hard to improve our cooperation. The most beautiful fruit of this is the BTK railway. After that, this road will create very good cooperation and strength unity areas. Güzel

30 On the consensus on the launch of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway in October 2017 and the increase of the transport in this corridor, the ılan International Union of Trans-Caspian International Transport Route ü International Union Bak Azerbaijan Railways demir QSC President Cavid Gurbanov, Chairman of the National Company of Aleks Kazakhstan Railways Demiryolu, Mr. Kanat Alpisbayev, Deputy Chairman of the ıs Georgia Railway inin A.Ş. General Manager Veysi Kurt, katılım Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping c Rauf Veliyev, President of QSC, Taleh Ziyadov, General Manager of in Baku International Maritime Trade Port anı QSC and İlyas Muktarov, Deputy General Manager of Batumi Sea Port were signed.

TCDD Transportation Inc. General Director Veysi Kurt also held bilateral meetings and visits in Azerbaijan. In this context, they exchanged views with representatives of the Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan Railways on issues related to the mutual transportation and forwarding of cargo. General Manager Veysi Kurt and Mehmet Altınsoy Azrebaycan Railways (ADY) also paid a courtesy visit.

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