Preparation of Kars Logistics Center and Railway Connection Application Projects

Kars Logistics Center and Railway Connection Application Projects Started: AK Party Kars Deputy Av. Mehmet Uçum, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway (BTK), Logistics Center railway connection application work has started to prepare the project reported.
Uçum said in his statement that the tender for the preparation of Logistics Center railway connection application projects was made on 3 March 2015, “The contract will be signed with 09 on April 2015 and the duration of the work is 180 calendar day”.
24 On April 2015, the company delivered a space and stated that the project was started. Mehmet Uçum, Logistics Center and railway connection application of the 2015 year of the project preparation of the 750 allowance thousand thousand pounds, he said.
Uçum drew attention to the fact that ground drilling was carried out and said, yol The road to the logistics center allocated to the railways was determined. The project may not be finished. Two-month extension. It may end in December. The completion of the logistics center is under the responsibility of the Department of Projects and Investments of the Ministry of Transportation. N
Indicating that he closely follows and will continue to follow the implementation and realization process of the project, Uçum said, “It is good for Kars to be in the business processes, and that nobody can benefit Kars by approaching the issues with the audience and by giving false and false information.”
Uçum said:
Yapmak Making cheap and old-style party policies has done a lot to Kars, and after that it will. Therefore, responsible persons should avoid this. The main thing is to make politics for the whole of Kars. ”

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