We Have to Build Our National Industry

After the liberation war, Turkey Ataturk's time, even under difficult conditions could then sell to foreign countries produce their own national warplanes.

After the liberation war, Turkey Ataturk's time, even under difficult conditions could then sell to foreign countries produce their own national warplanes. However, with the initiative of NATO and the beginning of Marshall Aids, we started to take many military weapons equipment from NATO countries, especially the USA, from 1950. As a result, our national industry has become dependent on foreign countries. In the same way, the railroads that developed after the Republic entered the period of pause together with the transition to the highways after 1950. BOZKURT produced in Eskişehir in Eskişehir and produced in Sivas, as the first steam locomotive, and also produced in Eskişehir in the first domestic car in the DEVRIM automobile history. But after Turkey's 1960 could not proceed with the adoption of a kind of national brands production assembly industry strategy.

Our country has been transformed into an assembly industry that has not been based on national production until today, but has been imposed by the implementation of economic policies based on borrowing and buying and purchasing, and by the pressure of global powers, our country was transformed into a foreign product heaven and various parts imported from abroad.

As it is known, assembly industry is a type of investment in which developed companies start to take advantage of advantages such as cheap labor in underdeveloped countries and to gain market advantages. The foreign company, which holds the patent rights and technology information, makes it possible to finalize and market the parts it produces in its country by means of a local company, in order to overcome the labor, transportation costs, and in general law and tax restrictions.

Renault, Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Bosch, Siemens and so on. as well as many factories that produce domestic products but do not produce national brands.

Now we need to change the policy of assembly and urgently switch to National Industrial Policy.
The most important issue in front of Turkey in the era we live in today is local and national industry. National and nationality has a decisive role in all spheres of independence in all historical periods, competition in global market, struggle, mutual relations and differentiation.

Milli This is the national and national spirit; it must be the spirit of the people who feel shaped by the culture of coexistence in this land in a thousand years, enriching, researching and developing without enriching the differences.

in all areas of the industry that makes Turkey dependent on the outside for a moment before we go to the local and national industry, to do positive discrimination to domestic goods and citizens, we need to encourage it.

Recently, Turkish defense industry, which has been producing with national capital and national material, has been developed by Turkish engineers and started to mass production. Altay battle tank, ATAK Helicopter, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV and SİHA), National War Ship (MİLGEM), GÖKTÜRK satellite, Storm Storm , Akya national torpedoes, armored vehicles, intelligent bombs and hurricanes missiles, heavy combat vehicles, National Infantry Rifle and, finally, the first long-range national missile our Bora entering our inventory, as the most important in the nationalization on the steps of Turkey's defense industry came forward.

Likewise, our domestic and national brands started to emerge one by one in public transport. In Bursa Durmazlar Silkroad and Panorama national brand trams produced by the company, Light rail transportation vehicles Green City LRT, Ankara Bozankaya Talas National Trademark for Kayseri Municipality, TCV Trambus for Malatya and Urfa Municipality, Istanbul tram and light rail transportation systems produced by İstanbul Ulasim, E-1000 and E-5000 electric locomotives of TÜLOMSAŞ generation outline and maneuvering locomotives, Diesel and electric traction motors, DMU Diesel train sets produced by Tüvasaş, National freight wagon produced by Tüdemsaş, TCDD National High Speed ​​Train vision projects heralded our full independence and national industry.

Durmazlar's panorama brand tram has started to be used in Samsun and Kocaeli provinces. Bozankaya firm awarded the tender for 88 subway vehicles for Thailand/Bangkok. kazanarak started production in Ankara. It produced Eco-friendly Electric Buses for İzmir, Konya, Eskişehir and Elazığ provinces.

We can list the examples of domestic production and national brand struggle in all sectors.
In summary;

Today, there is not a single product that Turkish industry cannot produce for all sectors. Just ask for domestic and national brands. For this, a national industrial policy is planned in line with urgent and strategic needs. This country aircraft, helicopter, rocket, tank, all kinds of defense needs, high-speed train, metro, tram, bus, car, computer, all electronic devices, communication tools, all the strategic products as a domestic and national brand to produce the ability, potential, technology and has a substructure.
In our country until the 2023 Energy, Defense, Aviation, Transport, Communication Technologies, Maritime, Information Technologies, Health Technologies, Pharmaceuticals and Medical, Construction machinery, including municipalities in the area is planned to buy 700 Billion Euro. With a state policy that will mobilize our domestic industry in all these purchases, the Turkish industrial age jumps from the 51 starting with 100 and the final product is crowned with the national brand.
Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (SSM), State Equipment Office (DMO), Provincial Bank, Industry Cooperation Program (SIP) Presidency, including municipalities National National Policy, national tenders and national brand requirement in tenders the advantage to the products, to products that are not in Turkey will be the auctions Turkish companies giving by making technology transfer from foreign Turkish Industry replaces rising world's among the most advanced economy in our country, unemployment and the current account deficit problem will be completely eliminated.


There are certain stages of colonialism. The first is the plundering of the natural wealth of the colonized countries; secondly, the transfer of the human resources of the colonies to the metropolitan country; thirdly, to ensure that a group that they have formed from the countries where they establish colonial rule, has a common place in the country's administration and that they have a voice.

The colonialists built a long-term permanent order in the geographies they captured by establishing a ruling clan power on the indigenous people by means of these reused groups. Öm

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