Barbershop, Shopping Mall and Curfews Statement from the Ministry of Interior

Explanation of barbershop and shopping mall and street restriction from the Ministry of Interior
Explanation of barbershop and shopping mall and street restriction from the Ministry of Interior

According to the statement published on the official website of the Ministry of the Interior, administrative action was taken in total, due to the violation of the curfew on 9 people in the curfews imposed on May 10-13,716. In addition, measures and information regarding barbers and shopping malls to be opened on Monday were conveyed and details of the 65-hour curfew were given to people over the age of 4 on Sunday.

Statement published by the Interior: Within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures; The curfew that started in 08 provinces on 2020 May 24.00 as of 24 will end at 24.00 tonight.

On the other hand, the city entrance / exit restrictions for 24 provinces and the curfews (except for exceptions) for citizens aged 65 years and above and our children / young people under 20 years of age are excluded.

Our citizens were sensitive to the decision of 24-day curfew in our 2 provinces and adapted to a high rate. However, we have had a few citizens who did not comply with the restriction decision.

In this context, a total of 08 people who did not comply with the decision on Friday, May 24.00, between 10 and 20.00 May, at 13, on the day of curfew, had a judicial or administrative action under the General Sanitary Law and related articles of the TCK.

In addition, as of 20.00 today, in 39 provinces; Quarantine measures are implemented in 3 settlements in 50 towns, 51 villages, 7 neighborhoods and 111 hamlets. The total population of the settlement where the quarantine measure is applied is 96.658. On the other hand, quarantine decision was abolished in 61 settlements in 303 provinces.

As of tomorrow, they will be able to start their activities with the regulations made in the conditions and conditions of which the restrictions are lifted. At the same time, in the neighborhood / district markets in provinces, districts and towns; clothing, toys, flowers, seedlings, glassware / hardware stores etc. The sale of necessary materials will be possible from tomorrow. In such places, it is extremely important for workplace owners / operators, staff and citizens to strictly comply with social distance, the obligation to wear a mask and hygiene measures taken within the scope of coronavirus measures.

Our citizens aged 65 and over, who have chronic illness, were able to go out to the streets for 11.00 hours between 15.00-4 for the first time after a long break. On Wednesday, May 13, our children aged 14 and under, and on Friday, May 15, between the ages of 15-20, will be able to go out to the streets on condition that they comply with the social distance and mask wearing rules between 11.00-15.00. We would also like to thank our citizens who are 65 years old and over, who have chronic illnesses, and our children / young people under 20, for their understanding and sacrifice in this process.

However, the following should not be forgotten; removing some restrictions does not mean life returns to its normal flow. The pandemic has not passed yet. We must continue to implement the measures without compromise.

Our request from our citizens in the fight against the epidemic;

  • When traveling by public transport,
  • Shopping in the market place, market / supermarket and bakeries,
  • In workplaces, such as factories, workplaces and public institutions and organizations,
  • In the places announced by the governorships in line with the decisions taken by the Provincial Hygiene Boards,
  • Due to the warm weather, outdoor areas such as park, garden, street, street, square,

They provide social distance and social isolation, and continue to wear masks in the specified areas. Our inspections on this issue will continue in the squares, streets and streets where our citizens are densely populated by the police and gendarmerie units throughout the country, such as market places, markets / supermarkets etc.

We would like to thank our St. Nation once again for their solidarity, patience and sacrifice. As we have overcome many troubles together, we will overcome the Covid-19 outbreak together.


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