Airplanes coming to planes

With the Bag of Laws in the Parliament, the period of 'armed police' will begin. Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: hava The air police in the aircraft will be a member of the Police. He will know the procedures and procedures on board. ”

Arslan said that the UN Security Council and the World Civil Aviation Authority have decisions in this direction. Arslan pointed out that Turkish civil aviation legislation does not coincide with the security dimension with those decisions and that they will have made the necessary arrangements in order not to have trouble.

Arslan mentioned the importance of the regulation to be brought, said:

“There is already an obligation to collect your passenger information and share it with the country of destination. This is now getting legal basis. The presence of armed police in terms of security by plane already exists in the major countries of the world. Countries already wanted to bring their aircraft here with armed security guards. We were having trouble because our legislation did not respond to this. It's not just unique to Turkey, industry and visitors beware 'There's a shortage in the Turkish aviation' lest something detection. This app exists in many places including the US and UK. Turkey, making it compatible with the legislation. This is a very important issue. When necessary, the armed security guard will be on the plane in some situations and places, not on every plane. The air police on the plane will be 'members of the police'. Our Ministry of Internal Affairs will also assign those who have done the necessary work within the scope of the Civil Aviation Security Program and have received training accordingly, and who are familiar with the aircraft, aircraft operations and aviation procedures.



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