Toçoğlu, We will pass to the rail system if there is a potential

Speaking at the program organized for 19 October Mukhtar Day, President Toçoğlu said, da Rail systems are a very important means of transportation for developed cities. However, there must be a potential. When we make the tram with the nationality of 5 million euros per kilometer of our nation, it would not be very convenient to suffer a great loss. If there is a potential rail system, we go, Eğer he said.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu participated in 19 October Mukhtar Day program held in Reisoğlu Restaurant. In the program, General Director of SASKİ Rüstem Keles, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Kardan and Zafer Poyraz, Sakarya Mukhtar Federation Federation President Erdal Erdem, heads of the head and took part.

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In the opening speech of the program, the President of the Sakarya Mukhtar Federation, Mr. Erdal Erdem said, X 19 October is the village head office established in 1829. anniversary. With the circular of our Prime Minister in 188, 2015 October was announced as the headman's day. I would like to thank our Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, who is here and who did not leave us alone, and our muhtars from the 19 district. God willing, the 16 October day to celebrate our day, God bless us X he said.

Service in cooperation
President Toçoğlu said that they had the pleasure of working together with Muhtars. I We are working together for about 8-9 years. I am happy to work with you, to produce joint projects and to come to these days because of the efficiency that I receive from them. As a result of our cooperation, we brought many services to our city and neighborhoods. As long as this solidarity and solidarity continue, our services will continue unabated. There's no doubt about that. When we took office, we discussed the urgent problems of all our districts. With the information we received from the headmen and the work we did in the field, we decided to solve the 2 problem in a short time. One of them was water and the other was the way and as a result of this information we started our work day and night in Sakarya. Lard

1 billion in infrastructure
President Toçoğlu said, şartlar After the earthquake of 1999, weak governments in the economic conditions of that day could not make a serious investment in Sakarya's infrastructure. We spent about 1 billion on the infrastructure only and we made the tender for an investment of 800 million in the coming period. Hopefully in a very short period of time the city will not have infrastructure problems. After the 2014 selection, we installed the sewage system first. Before us, sewers were flowing to the Sakarya River and into the sea. Today, the raw material is treated with the latest technology in our treatment plants and discharged to nature. We built potable water treatment plants. We delivered clean and abundant drinking water to our nurses. Hemş

We have produced new projects
In the superstructure, many services are provided to Sakarya. kazanPresident Toçoğlu stated that “We have developed social projects. We built Social Development Centers. New parks and living spaces in our city kazanwe nagged. We have built new double roads and asphalt, and we will continue to do so. Our sincere relations with you return as a service to the people of Sakarya. You deliver urgent works to us, and we try to do as much as we can within the framework of certain programs.”

60 million asphalt
Referring to the 2019 asphalt targets, President Toçoğlu said, “This year we reached 550 thousand tons of asphalt. Monetary money 60 million pounds. I believe we will reach 700 thousand tons towards New Year's Eve. At the end of the year, we will not leave the unpaved group roads in the city general. This atmosphere of brotherhood is ahead of everything. Let us move forward, serve our nation together and continue to develop our Sakarya. Birlikte

We're not against the train coming to the center
Touching on the topic of the train President Toçoğlu, ş We are not against the train to the center of Sakarya, but anywhere in the world there is a train that divides the city in half. Trains don't come to the centers, but if they do, they usually come underground. TCDD issued a regulation and in this regulation removes the barrier system. They either overpass or remove the gates. Their offer is 2. The gate and the Equipment Gateway will be closed. 1. there will be an overpass. If these gates are closed, the traffic of the city center becomes unbearable. We suggested the train to be taken underground but it was not accepted due to the cost. And yet, the issue of the train is not kept on the agenda. If it is possible, we will accept it already, Eğer he said.

If there's potential,
Ler Of course, rail systems are a very important means of transportation for developed cities, gelişmiş said President Toçoğlu. However, there must be a potential. We always express; we use public resources. The waste can never be in question. When we make the tram with the nationality of 5 million euros per kilometer of our nation, it would not be very convenient to suffer a great loss. As the potential increases, we will pass to the rail system Pot.

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