Call for common steps for Bursa tourism

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the city's tourism potential is high and the city's promotion point of the hands of everyone in the hands of the future of Bursa should take steps for the future, he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe attended the meeting of the Bursa Professionals Association (Skal International) Bursa Branch at the Almira Hotel.

Noting the values ​​of Bursa, President Altepe emphasized that Bursa, which has plenty of blessings, lots of places to see and see, cannot be recognized and recognized.

Although the tourism potential of Bursa is high, President Altepe pointed out that the last 50 stands out with its production and industrial city identity. Anda Our development in all areas of our Bursa is our biggest goal in all sectors. At this point, we endeavored to take steps to be taken regarding tourism. Ret How do we open the way for the sector, what can be done together? De We have tried to do something with our own power, “he said.

”There is a great opportunity but we cannot use it fully“
Reminding that there was a big problem in accommodation in Bursa in the past, President Altepe, the hotel and tourist facility with the implementation of the 0,50 precedent increase said that this issue has been opened. In this way, hotels and accommodation in Bursa has increased, the hotels' thermal 'chance is presented to the President Altepe,' Bursa, historical and cultural accumulation of the mountain, sea, coast, there are many beauty in all areas. Uludag is a value. In this sense, there is really a great opportunity, but we can not use them fully, Bu he said.

Mayor Altepe touched on the need to act with a hand for the full promotion of the values ​​of Bursa. Ğ We continue to show our best efforts. Bursa does not have a strategic plan on the coastline, but at the moment we have dealt with the beaches and the entire coastline has passed over. From Gemlik Narlı to Karacabey Kurşunlu, all our beaches were organized Gem.

Metropolitan Municipality's tourism-oriented work continues to add to the President Altepe, recalled the city's restored works, Bursa's values ​​in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, he said.

”We didn't get the distance we wanted in Uludağ“
Underlining the importance of Uludağ for Bursa, President Altepe said: merkez We have said that Uludağ should now be in local administrations, Davos and other centers are governed by municipalities. But we couldn't get too much distance there. We have built infrastructures such as water and sewage, others are being completed. There was a cable car. We do interventions on car parks, I hope their projects are running out. But we could not get the distance we wanted quickly. Ama
Providing information about the work of President Altepe, Iznik, the basilica to the theater and china furnace projects, said the rapid drive. Expressing that the Arkeopark in Akçalar is a value for tourism, President Altepe said, UM The 18 museum that we brought to the city as the Metropolitan Municipality with the Bıçakçılık Museum opened last week in Bursa da said that 13 continued the preparation of the museum. Altepe, Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM) also said that an important investment.

Support call
President Altepe stressed that in Bursa the projects, culture and sports organizations that promote the city are hosted but everyone should take the actions, Başkan We are trying to do the best of everything but it needs to be supported as well. The biggest of the stadium, the most advanced, not enough to do, the national game again Eskişehir. So we can get it here, but there are factors, what factors, we need to examine it together. Why isn't he here? If it is not given to Istanbul, it is probably not given to Bursa either. Iç He said that the city should work together and provide a lobby to promote the city.

In the center of the city, the city will be added to add value to the tourism center of the city of the Altitude, who work in Altepe, the mountain region is working with touristic facilities in the mountain region, said that the projects are working intensively. President Altepe, the increase in the accessibility of Bursa continues to work on the point, nok Bursa, took a significant distance, but there is a lot to do. There are many steps that we have to take as a sector. Unity and solidarity of the city to show the beauty, let's introduce our city, so that the rating of our city increases, kent he expressed his thoughts.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:04

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