Konya Seker General Manager Erence: "Our life is easier with YHT"

Konya Sugar General Manager Yavuz Erence, since the high-speed train service began from Konya to Ankara, Eskisehir and Istanbul, said YHT, YHT, noted that their lives easier.

Yavuz Erence, General Manager of Konya Şeker, was the guest of this week's “High Profile yapılan program, which was broadcasted on TRT Haber Yav channel in every market.

Erence voiced that he traveled at least two times a week by high speed train. He went to Konya from Ankara to Eskişehir and Istanbul with YHT since the high speed train services started and he returned to YHT with YHT. He said that he did not prefer as much as possible and that the majority of the employees of the company were traveling with YHT, and their lives became easier with YHT.

“I enjoy eating breakfast at YHT“
Talking about the comfort of the YHTs, the service of the train and the taste of the dishes served, Erence said, undan In summer, the air conditioner is very uncomfortable when driving on the highway. But in high-speed trains, the heat value of the wagons is kept unobtrusive in every season. Although there is a daily 10 flight from Istanbul to Istanbul, I always prefer high-speed train to go to Istanbul. I like to have breakfast on the train before leaving home from breakfast while traveling in the morning. I'm enjoying this. I like the breakfast which is very much served. İk

Avrupa The standard of our HRCs is better than many European countries “
Erence noted that the satisfaction of YHTs from the entertainment system in the high-speed trains and the standards of the YHTs are better than many other countries in Europe and that they like the films in YHTs, they listen to the music with pleasure and they are happy to travel with YHTs, they go to Europe many times and When compared with HRCs abroad, the standard of YHTs in our country is higher than most countries, he added.



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