Spil Mountain Investments to be Completed in 2016

Spil Mountain Investments will be Completed at 2016: Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Deputy Undersecretary Ibrahim Ciftci said that the aim of the project is to complete the projects at the 2016 by recalling the completion of the ropeway, health and sports hotel auctions.
Ibrahim Çiftçi, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, recalled that the ropeway, health and sports hotel tenders, which are among the investments of Spil Mountain, are completed and that the projects are aimed to be completed at 2016.
Nature Conservation and National Parks 4. Ciftci participated in the studies on feeding the wild animals on the Spil Mountain by the Regional Directorate and made observations at Spil Mountain National Park Administration Visitor and Research Center.
Here, giving information about the investments to be made to Spil Mountain Farmer, Spil Mountain investments are expected to be made by the ministry, he said.
The farmer said:
Aya 42 forest lodge in the region was completed and started to be used. The tender of the ropeway, health and sports hotels within the investment projects was completed. We are aiming to finish in 2016 year. I hope we can complete it without any mishap, we will meet the needs of our region. Health-related hotel has 250 bed capacity and sports hotel has 150 bed capacity. We aim to complete this study in 2016.


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