Where does the Aksaray railway line pass?

The EIA report of the Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Train Line, which will be realized for passenger and cargo transportation from Aksaray, has been completed. The EIA report also gave information on where the train line will go and where the train station will be.

Aksaray has been longing for the train line he has longed for. The route of the Kırşehir - Aksaray - Ulukışla Railway Line, which is passing through Aksaray, was announced. According to this, Ortaköy aBozkır Beldesi northwest, Ortaköy Center, Ortaköy Balcı, Çekiçler Village, Cankılı Village, Ekecikşeyhler village, Bağlıkaya Town, Çimeliyeniköy, Hırkatol, Kazıcık Village, Hatipoğlu Village, Selecikköse Village route will reach Aksaray by passing the line.

There will be a station in Aksaray and Ortaköy and Siding Station in Taşpınar. (it is generally parallel rail line to the main railway which is located on single track railways and crosses two trains coming from opposite directions.

Aksaray Station Is Little Pinar?
Aksaray Gar Station Kirsehir - Aksaray - Ulukisla Train Line 100. km 940. 102. Km 440. 1,5 will be at a distance of 1 km. The location of the Garage will be determined according to the route information stated in the EIA report while hiding where the Aksaray Gar will be. According to the fact that the line of Selecikköse village 95. It is located in km. The station is about 101. It will be in Km. So the village of Selecikköse 6 km will be located. This distance corresponds to a location across the University. Gar is likely to be built in a small spring place close to the new prison.

The general conditions provided at the stations planned on the Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway Line Route and the features of the stations are given as follows.

Input Units
Station Administrative and Social Buildings
Cargo Warehouses
Container Loading-Unloading-Handling Areas
Housing Signaling and Electrification Unit
Kataner Unit Maintenance Unit (A comprehensive maintenance - repair work in the station areas will not be carried out, it is possible to carry out repairs only on trains that will occur in trains. For this purpose, it is planned to have a maintenance unit in the station areas.)
Parking Unit (Truck, Incoming and Outgoing Passenger Car Parks)

The main functional elements of the business buildings planned to be built at the stations within the scope of the project are given below.

Station Inputs
Ticket Hall
Horizontal Circulation
Vertical Circulation Peron
Helping Locations
It will consist of public places.

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