Minister Arslan's 3. Airport, FSM Bridge and Canal Istanbul descriptions

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan made statements about the agenda of Anadolu Agency Editorial Desk. Minister Arslan N Istanbul 3. 68 was realized in airport construction. We will land the first plane to the airport without staying in February 2018. The official opening of the first stage of the airport will be at 29 October 2018 Havalim.

Channel Istanbul project that provides information about the stage of the Arslan, the last alternative to the 5 route study and drillings done, he said. The project work started in July and 4 XMUMX drilling in total 162 totaling up to now, indicating that the drilling Arslan, in addition to the 150-160, 8-10 meter in total drilling will be done. Arslan, "At the end of the survey work, taking into account the fresh water resources, agricultural lands, will have the least negative impact on the environment, even the positive effect will work with the alternative will be cleared of the route will be working." He said.

The mixed financing model can be implemented due to the size of the project, Arslan said,, There are works done by Build-Operate model, public works and income partnership method. About 42-43 kilometers, the world's largest ships are going to talk about the channel. Arrangement of the surroundings of the channel, the elimination of distorted construction around it, the urban transformation of the route, the construction of artificial islands, the financing model of each will be slightly different. Therefore, we will be using many financing models in this project at the same time, we are doing its work. A

Arslan stated that the recreation areas will be created within the scope of the project and stated that they will fill the pits left from the coal mines in Istanbul New Airport and Kemerburgaz with the excavation. Thus, as a green area that will create places to breathe in Istanbul Arslan, the channel will be formed within the artificial islands will work simultaneously to work, he said. Arslan, insan Our goal is to finish the work in a short time and bring the project to the country and our country. We want to complete the stages as soon as possible and start the tender. It is worth noting that we have made significant progress. Önemli

”68 percent complete“

Arslan pointed out that 7 is an 24 watch on an hourly basis.

As of today, Arslan stated that the airport construction has reached a realization rate of 68. Minister Arslan, said:

Oran This is a very important rate. The project has begun to receive awards worldwide in many fields. Our problem is not to receive awards, but to take advantage of the fact that the center of gravity of civil aviation is shifting eastward. Our aim is to open the part of 29 that will serve the first phase of 2018 million in 90 October 2023. Other stages will be completed by 200 depending on the passenger increases. Thus, 2018 will be able to serve millions of passengers. We had previously shared the first plane of the Anadolu Agency's Editorial Board at February 2018. February We will download the first plane without 29, but the official opening will be at 2018 October XNUMX.

Arslan, 3 on the question of the future of Atatürk Airport. When the airport was opened, Ataturk said that the airport would only serve small aircraft in a limited manner. Arslan pointed out that the terminals at Atatürk Airport will be put into service of Istanbul and said ula One of them could be fair organization. Mr. President had statements in this direction. When we consult with our Prime Minister, there is a will for such a large area to be designed to breathe into Istanbul. God willing, within the framework of this will, will be the area to breathe heavily into the city. Al

FSM Bridge Work

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) on the Anatolian Side in the direction of Edirne 23 In September, launched the free pass system describing the work was not done in the summer Arslan, said they evaluate all dimensions of the experts with the decision on this issue.

Before the FSM Bridge, the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Çamlıca toll booths reminiscent of establishing the free passage system, "much more importantly, the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge had to be sealed asphalt maintenance. In this sense, we have done a very important work and we wanted to finish this work before the Feast of the Sacrifice in the summer period. Istanbul residents also lived with us. If we had done such a study in the concurrent FSM with these studies, then they would say rightly; 'Will there be two studies?' As the two works cannot be more than once, we have done the work on the summer break, we are doing the smaller one now. İki

Arslan stated that the free passage system will not be postponed since the asphalt will be renewed in FSM next summer.

”Our goal is to finish the work at FSM at the end of the month“

Arslan underlined that important bridge and roads such as FSM should be done from time to time for maintenance and renewal. Ası You come and work with your vehicle every day. When the car is due for maintenance, it must remain in service for three days. You don't have the luxury to say, "Don't drive the truck." When we go to the service for three days we have to bear the car. Fortunately, there are alternatives like Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (YSS), Eurasia Tunnel and Marmaray. Ş

Arslan stated that although the work at FSM was announced through the media, the announcement was not noticed by the end of the study date and said ınca The people who have not been informed about it have experienced a problem when they don't shift to the bridge and shifted to other alternatives. there was a certain relief. ”

Arslan stated that they had previously planned to complete 7 in November but that they had been trying to be completed as soon as possible. our goal, without compromising the quality of work and technical requirements, end this month, "he said.

Personnel purchases

Arslan also spoke about the personnel recruitment, TCDD will receive 773 personnel reported. Arslan, üs 150 of this will be workers. Therefore, they will be called to interview by KPSS score on İŞKUR. The process begins. I hope that we will have done this month's work. İn

Arslan said that the 623 person who will support them in the railway sector will take the KPSS score directly from State Personnel Presidency and Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the related process continues.

Transfer of TCDD Transportation Inc. will take 345 person Arslan, the 167 of this officer, 178 said that the worker status.

”Bin 750 can't say 'sorry'

Within the framework of the employment campaign launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Arslan said that they aim to add one thousand people to the PTT. He also reminded that they started their first 5.

Later on, 750 4 750 number of people in the next period and the winning number of interviewers announced that they announced a thousand XNUMX people Arslan, said they began security investigations.

Arslan recalled that when the security investigations started, he had gone to the Council of State against the Ministry of Justice and that the Council of State had decided to ine stop the execution of its regulation Ars.

Es The discussion on the matter continues. The final decision is important for us. If the regulation is needed due to the stop of the regulation, we are working on it. Our lawyers now work very intensely on this issue. Because thousand 750 people 'won' we said, gave the paperwork, security investigations are done. 'Excuse me' to say to our business, we do not like the situation. We are doing the necessary work so that these friends are not victims. In

Al This time we invited the 2 solid rate, dık said Arslan. There were also applications from branches that should not be applied when inviting these people. We did the necessary work with him. While the friends of the interview to be called to the interview, we stopped the process because of the Council of State's decision. Mül

Arslan underlined that the winners of the first stage and the ones who were called for the interview in the second stage are aiming not to be the victims.

Arslan stated that they did not find the right to say otherwise as the ministry and added: ış The Council of State decided to stop the execution of our regulation in the framework of a decision that coincides with another regulation. You cannot stop a regulation with another regulation. A legislation on her, the law becomes right then. I am sure that the merits will be discussed. We follow the processes in this regard. We want our people to be a victim. Im he said.

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