Minister Arslan's statements at the 3rd Airport, FSM Bridge and Canal Istanbul

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made statements on the agenda at the Anadolu Agency Editor's Desk. Minister Arslan said: “3 percent realization was achieved in the construction of the Istanbul 68rd airport. We will land the airport on the first plane before February 2018. The official opening of the first phase of the airport will be on October 29, 2018. ”

Providing information about the stage reached in the Canal Istanbul project, Arslan recently said that detailed studies and soundings were carried out in 5 route alternatives. Arslan stated that the study project studies started in July and that there were 4 drillings up to 162 thousand meters in total so far, he added that between 150-160, a total of 8-10 meters would have been drilled. Arslan, "At the end of the study, we will ensure that the route becomes clear by taking into consideration the fresh water resources and agricultural lands, by working on the alternatives that will have the least negative impact on the environment and even have positive effects." he spoke.

Expressing that the mixed financing model can be applied due to the size of the project, Arslan said, “There are build-operate model, public works and works done through income partnership method. We are talking about the 42-43-kilometer channel through which the world's largest ships will pass. The arrangement of the perimeter of the canal, the elimination of distorted construction around it, the urban transformation on the route, the construction of artificial islands, each of them will be slightly different, especially the financing model. Therefore, we will be using many financing models in this project at the same time, we are doing its work. ” used the expression.

Arslan stated that recreational areas will also be created within the scope of the project and explained that they will fill the pits left from the coal mines in Istanbul New Airport and Kemerburgaz with the excavation to be extracted from the project. Stating that they will create places that will give Istanbul a breath of fresh air as a green area, Arslan said that the work on artificial islands to be created within the scope of the canal will continue simultaneously. Arslan said, “Our goal is to complete the work in a short time and to deliver the project to our country and its people. kazanto climb We want to complete the stages as soon as possible, bid and start work. It is worth expressing that we have come a long way.” said.

“68 percent completed”

Arslan pointed out that 7 is an 24 watch on an hourly basis.

As of today, Arslan stated that they have reached 68 percent realization in airport construction. Minister Arslan continued as follows:

“This is a very important rate. The project has started to receive world-wide awards in many fields. Our concern is not to get rewards, but to take advantage of this, while the center of gravity of the world civil aviation is shifting east. Our goal is to open the first phase of the Republic, which will serve 29 million, on October 2018, 90, on the foundation anniversary of the Republic and to make the flights from there. Other stages will be completed by 2023 depending on the passenger increase. Thus, it will be able to serve 200 million passengers. We had previously shared the first plane at Anadolu Agency Editor's Desk in February 2018. We will take off the first plane before February 2018, but its official opening and service opening will take place on October 29, 2018. ”

Arslan stated that when the 3rd airport was opened upon the question regarding the future of Atatürk Airport, Atatürk Airport will only serve small planes in a limited way. Pointing out that the terminals at Ataturk Airport will be offered to Istanbul, Arslan said, “We said that one of them could be fair business. Our President had statements in this direction. When we consult with our Prime Minister, there is a will to design such a large area that will breathe Istanbul. I hope this will be the area that will breathe the city predominantly within the framework of this will. ” said.

FSM Bridge Work

Explaining why the free passage system of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) started on September 23 in the direction of Edirne on the Anatolian Side was not done in the summer, Arslan said that they evaluated all dimensions with the experts when making a decision on this issue.

Reminding that they had established the free passage system at the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Çamlıca toll booths before the FSM Bridge, Arslan said, “Much more importantly, the asphalt maintenance of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge had to be sealed. In this sense, we have done a very important work and we wanted to end this work in the summer period before the Eid al-Adha. Istanbulites also experienced this with us. If we did such a study at FSM simultaneously with these studies, then they would rightly say that; 'Would there be two studies?' Since we cannot have two studies at once, we did the big work on the summer vacation, we are doing the smaller one now. ” he spoke.

Arslan stated that the free pass system works have not been postponed since the asphalt renewal will be made at FSM next summer.

“Our goal is to finish the work at FSM at the end of the month”

Underlining the need for maintenance and renewal work on important bridges and roads like FSM from time to time, Arslan said, “You go to work every day with your vehicle. The vehicle needs to stay in service for three days when it is time for maintenance. You do not have the luxury of saying 'I will not take the vehicle to the service'. When we go to the service, we have to endure without a car for three days. Thankfully, there are alternatives such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (YSS), Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray. ” used expressions.

Arslan stated that the announcement was not noticeable due to the fact that the start date of the study coincided with the work, although the work at FSM was announced via the media. there was a certain relief. ” found the assessment.

Stating that they had previously planned to complete the work on November 7, but were trying to complete it as soon as possible, Arslan said, “Let's have given the good news to Istanbul; our goal is to finish at the end of this month, without compromising on the quality and technical requirements of the job. ” said.

Personnel purchases

Speaking about personnel recruitment, Arslan stated that TCDD would receive 773 personnel. Arslan said, “150 of this will be in the status of workers. Therefore, they will be invited to interview with KPSS score via İŞKUR. The process on this begins. Hopefully we will have done the work this month. ” he spoke.

Arslan said that the 623 person who will support them in the railway sector will take the KPSS score directly from State Personnel Presidency and Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the related process continues.

Stating that TCDD Tasimacilik AS will also take 345 people, Arslan stated that 167 of them will be civil servants and 178 of them will be workers.

“We cannot say 'sorry,' to 750 people”

Arslan stated that they aimed to add 5 thousand people to PTT within the scope of the employment mobilization initiated by the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and reminded that they started the first 500 of them.

In the following period, they invited 750 times the number of 4 people for an interview, and kazanStating that they announced 750 people at the moment, Arslan said that their security investigations have started.

Reminding that the issue, which objected to a regulation of the ministry when the security investigations started, went to the Council of State and the Council of State decided to “stop the execution of its regulation”, and said:

“Debates on the matter are continuing. Essentially, the final decision within the framework of the negotiation is important to us. If legislation is required due to the suspension of the regulation, we are working on it. At the moment, our lawyer friends are working very hard on this issue. Because to 750 peoplekazanWe said, 'You did,' they gave their documents, we are conducting security investigations. Saying 'I'm sorry' is not something that works for us or we like it. We are doing the necessary work so that these friends do not become victims.”

Pointing out that they received the applications for the recruitment of 2 personnel in the second stage, Arslan said, “This time we invited 500 times more people. There were applications from branches that should not apply when inviting these people. We have done necessary studies with ÖSYM about it. While the friends to be invited to interview were in the stage of disclosure, we stopped that process due to the decision of the Council of State. ” said.

In the first place kazanArslan underlined that they aimed not to be victimized during the second stage recruitment and for those invited for the interview, and asked these people to be patient.

KazanStating that they do not find it right as a ministry to say the opposite to those who are declared to be unlawful, Arslan said, “The Council of State has decided to stay the execution within the framework of a decision that our regulation conflicts with another regulation. You cannot stop a regulation by another regulation. A regulation on it becomes a law, then it is correct. I'm sure it will be discussed in the main. We follow the processes in this regard. We want our people not to suffer.” he said.

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