Warning for "no pass without penalty" through the Eurasia Tunnel

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the perception that "you cannot be punished in the Eurasia Tunnel crossing" causes even some drivers to pass illegally, "The system can work a little slow, but this is definitely done." said.

Minister Arslan, in his statement, stated that the Automatic Pass System (OGS) and Fast Pass System (HGS) were used in the Eurasia Tunnel, but there were occasional illegal passages, saying, “Because of the lack of balance, the failure of the OGS device in the vehicle or the HGS label not sticking to the appropriate place there may be some problems due to wear and tear. " he spoke.

HGS label sticking to the right place, not worn and the importance of the OGS device is working on the attention of the Arslan, illegal passes or insufficient balance with the passing of 15 payments are not subject to penalties during the day, but this period is subject to a penalty up to 10 told.

Stressing that the punishment application was made to be a deterrent, Arslan said:

“A person with malfunctioning OGS device went to court. In the court, he decided that the personal, 'OGS device was defective, so give it time and space so it pays for it'. There is already time, he can pay anywhere. This is a personal decision, it is not 'you cannot impose a penalty of 10 times', but 'OGS device is defective, show a place for it and make the payment there'. We also met with the lawyers, it is not a decision that will set an example for others. Our citizens should not go in vain and pay the costs of their lawyers and file, and they should not have to bear our expenses at the end of the day. Because we encounter these examples a lot. With the wrong perception, a court is opened against us, we experience this in expropriations, and at the end of the day, they have to pay our expenses. We don't want people to be victims. "

"We don't want drivers to be victims"

Arslan pointed out that the perception of “not being punished” causes even some drivers to pass illegally and said, “The system can work a little slow, but this is definitely done. We do not want our drivers and passengers to be victims of such a penal sanction after using such a comfortable tunnel, even bridges and highways. " used the expressions.

Referring to the criticisms about the Eurasia Tunnel vehicle pass guarantee, Arslan said, “An average of 45 thousand vehicles pass through the Eurasia Tunnel per day. While it is predicted that the guarantee figure will be reached after three years in their feasibility studies, the fact that we have reached 45 thousand in the first year shows that we will reach and exceed the guarantee figure before the end of three years. If you consider the expenses when we go above it, 30 percent of the fee will be transferred to the public. " found the assessment.

Arslan said that while implementing these projects that increase the life comfort of people, they aim to make the project return itself with the income it generates, and said that they want the country to develop with the added value it creates. Asking the violations in question not to be committed, Arslan said, "These projects are their projects as much as we do." said.

"Worn HGS labels can be changed free of charge from PTT"

In cases where there are no readings in the vehicle passes, Arslan said that the label was sent to the drivers that the label should be checked, and that the labels were renewed free of charge from PTT branches.

Arslan also stated that HGS tags can be associated with credit card accounts as in OGS, and stated that if the balance is insufficient, the toll fee can be collected in this way.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:31

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