Keçiören Metro Station

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan said, ve From now on, we will complete this line which we named as, Keçiören Metro diye between the AKM-Gazino at the end of 4,5 months after the end of the year and we will be presenting it to the service of our people. The project will serve 50 a thousand passengers in one direction and 800 a thousand passengers on a daily basis, and the 1-1,5 will last for an hour.
Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the line named de Keçiören Metro ”will be put into service at the end of the year.
Minister Arslan, Keçiören Metro Line after the examinations made statements to the press members.
The total investment cost of the project, including the 9,2 kilometer, which includes the 9 station, which includes the 1 station, and XNUMX station, including the vehicles, is XNUMX.

Arslan said that after the 15 days, the train will be downloaded and test drives will be started. Sürüş We will be presenting this project to the service of the people of Kecioren, Ankara and Turkey after the month we started the test drive. So, from now on, after the 4 month, at the end of the year between AKM-Gazino, 'Kecioren Metro' we have said that we have finished this line and will be presented to the service of our people. "He said.
Arslan, the project in one direction per hour 50 thousand, on a daily basis will serve about 800 thousand passengers and 1-1,5 said that the hour-long journey will reduce to 16 minutes. Arslan pointed out that they will save time and fuel with the project and thus they will fulfill an important duty in terms of contribution to the national economy.
Noting that the metro lines consist of round-trip tunnels, Arslan explained that there is a factory that provides the system to work under each station. Arslan stated that they will show the background of the stations to the citizens in the future and added,-We will then connect Keçiören-AKM to the High Speed ​​Railway Station and then to the Red Crescent. In addition, a new line of 27 kilometers from Kuyubaşı to connect this rail system, Esenboga and from there to connect the Yıldırım Beyazıt University so that the heavy traffic on the route, let's facilitate public transportation. '' He said.

Kecioren's, Ankara, Turkey's development, and the country is the world's transportation is uncomfortable to take a share of the pie Armstrong pointed out that there are competitors, "Politically Tayyip Turkey's growth and the leaders of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, our foreign competitors who do not want to increase the validity of that in the world and those who have them-table within us unfortunately ... Yesterday terrorist organizations, today Fetullahçı terrorist organization (feto), the outside-table on foreign powers who do not want Turkey's growth, through, doing treachery. Turkey's growth, they are doing everything in order to prevent the development. 15 treacherous coup attempt in July, with the challenge of leading this nation, foresight, and they want to knit socks turned upright posture with the head of Turkey was built upon them. The power of the public, as our Prime Minister said, blocked the power of the tank. No way. We are at the beginning of our work today as it was yesterday. Işler
After his speech, Arslan visited Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak.

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  1. When this line is opened, the guard line must be operated until the sunken. There should also be EGO flights from the casino to the airport.