Çambaşı Plateau Ski Facilities will open in December

Çambaşı Plateau, where citizens flock during the summer months, continues to work on revitalizing winter tourism. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Çambaşı Ski Center, which was planned to be put into service during the winter season, has joined the hot asphalt.


Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) by will be operated and day about 2 thousand 500 people stating that began operating during the winter season the plant, which will serve the Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yilmaz, he said he made the final preparations in the plant.


President Enver Yilmaz, "This year we will open the service, our hot asphalt work carried out Turkey's sea-based Çambaşı our Ski 7/24, one of the closest facility was completed. Hot asphalt work was carried out on all roads in the facility and in the car park area by our teams and brought together with hot asphalt on an area of ​​7 thousand square meters. The attraction of our Çambaşı Plateau, which is an important brand for the development of tourism in our army, will increase with the facility to be opened. Our ski center, which will make a great contribution to winter tourism in the Black Sea, will be the biggest ski center in the Eastern Black Sea Region. ”

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