The new meeting point of the fans: VADİSTANBUL

Galatasaray fans will now meet at VADISTANBUL AVM, the shopping center of Istanbul, which is one of the new attractions of Istanbul, before the matches at Türk Telekom Stadium.

Türk Telekom Stadium and Cendere, Hasdal, Kemerburgaz'ın TEM connecting roads will be opened to traffic while 47 L, 41 Y, 48 L, 41 SM bus to the fans before the match VADISTANBUL AVM can provide transportation.

Yellow-red fans using the Cendere Road and connections, showing the match days Passolig cards VADISTANBUL AVM's 5 bin capacity car park will be able to leave. Yellow-reds will spend time in VADISTANBUL AVM and will be able to make purchases from GSSTORE and reach the stadium on foot. VADİSTANBUL'u Türk Telekom Stadium, will connect the 'Havaray' test drive continues. 'Havaray'in coming into operation in the coming days, the distance to the distance to Türk Telekom Stadium 2 will go down in minutes.

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