Mayor Şahin: "We Will Definitely Solve Samsun's Traffic and Parking Lot Issue"

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin made important statements. President Şahin c In 2023 we will celebrate the 100 anniversary of our Republic. The President and the President of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have set the targets of 2023, 2053 and 2071 in front of our country. We will work day and night for these goals. We are preparing our year for 2023. 50 and 100 aim for a friendly, environmentally friendly, aesthetic, participatory, prosperous Samsun with annual plans. In this sense, we will take what has been done further. In doing so, we utilize the most modern, advanced techniques and methods, especially science. 19 May 1919 It is the date when our Atatürk came to Samsun and burned the torch of independence. For this reason, our Republic is the most important city of our Republic. 19 On May 2019 we will celebrate the 100 anniversary of the independence torch. Xnumx.yıl in Samsun in Turkey and the world will be discussed. We've put out our target. With our activities in Samsun 100 May enthusiasm, excitement, difference, love, will put. We started these studies. Bu


Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they will solve the Gülsan industry issue, which concerns thousands of tradesmen and families, with a common mind. Ik We visited Gülsan Sanayi site shopkeepers, our provincial president, our mayor and 3 times. We had consultations. We listened to your problems. No shopkeeper will suffer. We will act together with the common mind. Ortak


Zihni Şahin, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the new projects and said: hakkında Our Samsım has some problems that we see important. We started our preparations for these. We have a serious traffic problem. If we don't hit the scalpel today, this problem will become unresolved. For this reason, we are introducing Intelligent Transportation Systems with our Samsım. We will definitely solve traffic and parking. We are launching a Urban Transformation in our Samsum. A significant portion of our sams will be renewed by urban transformation. We have accelerated concrete road works in our new neighborhood villages. These studies will continue. 17 We solve the most important problems in our district. We will be together with our businessmen, industrialists and our economy. We strive to increase employment to reduce unemployment. We have Bafra, Çarşamba and Vezirköprü plains. Our Samsım is an agricultural center. We will support agriculture. Today's beautiful. We will make your future more beautiful. We will walk together with our people in the center of our people with human minded, common mind. 7 / 24 will not work, so to speak 7 / 25. /


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin said: Z Union is born. Every office and position we serve is the place of service. We are here to serve our state and our nation. We should consider our state and our people, not our own. Samsım is a city with great potentials and human resources. Our deputies representing our political will, provincial and district presidents, mayors, board members, council members, women and youth branches chairmen and administrations, will walk with one and all of our members. Our public institutions and organizations will be together with our governor, protocol, district governors, non-governmental organizations, universities, press, muhtars and all segments of our society. In short, we will be based on unity and solidarity. Kıs

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