Lighting tender for Akçaray tramway crossings

Visual illuminations of the underpasses and pedestrian crossings on the Akçaray tram line route, which are put into service by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The tender was held with the open tender procedure for the construction of the illuminations on the Akçaray tramway route. 2 company participated in the tender held in the tender hall of the Metropolitan Municipality.


In the session held in the tender room, the lowest bid was given by Erol Sarıtaş with the 1 million 30 thousand 375 TL, while the highest bid came from 1 million 50 thousand TL and Muhammed Aksu-Tesla Technical Energy. Citizens will be able to use the gates safely thanks to the tramways and pedestrian crossings.

Companies Offers

1-Erol Sarıtaş 1.030.375,00 TL
2-Muhammed Aksu- Technical Energy 1.050.000,00 TL


Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:03

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