Easy access to Umuttepe from every corner of the city

Easy access from all corners of the city to Umuttepe: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, Kocaeli University (KOÜ) Umuttepe Campus and the University Hospital has opened new lines for easy access from all over the city. 01 2016 24 14 24 105 1.676 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The number of XNUMX passenger transport capacity and daily XNUMX units were provided to the Umuttepe Campus with an XNUMX line and this number was increased with new lines.
With the introduction of the new 240 bus, the new line 14 was opened to the Umuttepe Campus from the districts and the area was started to be serviced by 38 with a different line. Before the new lines are opened to service, citizens residing in the districts can transfer to the Umuttepe Campus by transferring two or more, and they can access to the region with the new means. 38 is serving to Umuttepe region with 146 thousand passenger carrying capacity and daily 2 bin 189.
The Metropolitan Municipality works with great care in order to reach the KOÜ Umuttepe Campus, which has the highest rate of passenger circulation in Kocaeli. The presence of an important Research Hospital in the region, the university campus where approximately 75 thousand students receive education is being kept under control. Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, the teams constantly kept in the region, immediately intervening in the problems experienced by the citizens of the transportation does not become a victim.
Transportation service is provided to Umuttepe campus with a single vehicle from all districts except Kandira. Depending on our municipality, there is a lot of information about the municipality and the Private Public Bus, which provide public transportation services, along with routes, departure times and stop locations. http://www.e-komobil.com/, http://www.kocaeli.bel.tr//OtobusSaatleri.aspx It can be accessed via internet addresses and the “e-komobil” application developed for mobile platforms.


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