Intense Interest in TCDD Stand at 2.R-Ge Innovation Summit and Exhibition

İstanbul 2.R & D Innovation Summit and Exhibition Kır organized by the Architects and Engineers Group (MMG) with the contributions and participation of TCDD, 06 September 2017 with the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center It was opened by Minister Lütfi Elvan.

After the opening, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü and Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan visited the TCDD stand.

Özlü and Elvan, General Director of TCDD on the “Railways Development faaliyet promotional brochures, which include R & D activities in the Railway Sector, proj 160 Annual History of the Railways T,” DATEM ın and current projects İsa Apaydınreceived information from.

Two days of 2.R & D Innovation Summit and Exhibition at the TCDD stand, visitors showed great interest.

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