Welded Manufacturing of TÜVASAŞ at International Level

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), internationally accredited and ECWRV (European Committee for Rail Vehicles Source Applications) approved certification bodies by GSI SLV-TR Welding Technology Center audit team by EN 15085-2 of Railway Vehicle and Component Supply and TS EN ISO 3834-2 has been subject to inspection in accordance with the Quality Requirements for Melting Source of Metallic Materials.

As a result of the examinations, TÜVASAŞ's welded manufacturing applications were successful, while the EN15085-2 CL1 (Design included) and TS EN ISO 3834-2 certificates, which were approved by ECWRV, were renewed for a period of one year.

TÜVASAŞ said in a statement: de Our company has been certified with CL1, which is the highest level of the standard, as well as the documents it has renewed and other management systems.



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