Turkish Industry 5-10 Million Euro Exports While Billion Euros Rail System Tenders Go To Foreigners

While the Turkish industry circulates to export millions of euros, a billion euro rail system tenders in our country go to foreigners
While the Turkish industry circulates to export millions of euros, a billion euro rail system tenders in our country go to foreigners

Turkish industrialist 5-10 million euros to export, I will create employment in the country in a bid to one billion euros in the country is going to foreigners.

The Chinese awarded the tender for 2009 metro vehicles held in Izmir in 32, with no domestic contribution and for a price of 33 million Euros. kazanwas.

The Chinese contracted the 2012 metro vehicle tenders held in Ankara in 324 with a 51% domestic contribution requirement and a price of 391 million dollars. kazanwas.

Checks for 2012 tram tenders held in Konya in 60 without any domestic contribution and for 104 million Euros kazanwas.

The tender for 2015 vehicles, held in Istanbul in 300, with the condition of 50% domestic contribution, for a price of 280 million 200 thousand Euros. kazanwas.

The Chinese won the tender for 2015 metro vehicles, held in Izmir in 85, without any domestic contribution and for a price of 71 million 400 thousand Euros. kazanwas.

In 2018, 272 subway tenders in Istanbul were awarded to the Chinese for 50 billion 2 million TL with the condition of 448% domestic contribution. kazanwas.

Metro tender of 1 billion 196 million 499 thousand 923 Euro, which is planned to be held in Konya now, was again given to Chinese people. Why did he come with Chinese money and he wanted to produce all subway vehicles with his infrastructure and the signatures were signed. Hopefully they will add the 80% domestic additive requirement.

In addition, in the tender for 172 metro vehicles to be held for Istanbul Airport, the vehicles should be delivered in 8 months. The tender value is approximately 300 million euros. So I need an emergency vehicle again to the stranger probably also seems to go to the Chinese. It is necessary to ask why the Turkish industrialists did not plan all these things while the airport was built years ago.

Moreover, the Turkish industry is able to build all the infrastructure and vehicles of all rail systems.

Didn't we plan 11 in the development plan until 2023 will be 80% domestic contribution and national brand? Didn't we say that in the 2023 Industrial Strategies, domestic goods will be given priority and strategic imported goods will be replaced by native ones?

The 1 billion Euro tender that will be held in the near future and the 300 million Euro metro vehicle tender to be held in Istanbul will be a shame to the National Turkish Industry and Industrialists if given to the Chinese or any foreigner. Next, there are metro tenders under construction and projects in Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul and Mersin. The total price of these 5 billion euros.

I think there is only one way to get rid of the Chinese and foreigners and to fulfill the domestic and national rail system decisions taken in the 11th Development Plan. He also engaged in investment and production in Turkey The contractor, TÜVASAŞ, DURMAZLAR, BOZANKAYAASELSAN, TÜDEMSAŞ and bringing together under a consortium roof all our rail system manufacturers such as ASAS you will perform all the rail system works as local and national in Turkey, I am also a state authority to say we will give you support and state need encouragement.

Because all the companies in the world are becoming stronger by merging to compete with each other. The Chinese CRRC has developed into a strong structure by the merger of the 10 company, which produces rail systems. The German Siemens and the French company Alstom went on a merger to compete with the Chinese CRRC.

Similarly, if we cannot form a strong consortium in our country, these companies that produce all the Rail Transportation Systems and make big investments in our country will soon lock their doors one by one and nearly 15.000 employees working in these factories will be unemployed.

These companies hold tenders of 5-10 million euros in Romania, Poland and Thailand. kazanIt will be a shame for our national industry if we do not comply with the decisions taken in the 11th Development Plan and hand over the billion-dollar rail system tenders in our country to foreigners.

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