Bus card filling ATMs, at the disposal of the people of Trabzon

The Trabzon Electronic Card refill ATMs offered by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality to the people of Trabzon provide important convenience to citizens traveling by the Metropolitan Municipality buses. Trabzon residents can easily load balance to the Trabzon Electronic Cards, which provide the opportunity to travel with the municipal buses, and also to provide Trabzon Electronic Cards from these ATMs.

Ortahisar district; 15 Temmuz Martyrs and Hürriyet Park (Meydan Park), Atapark, KTU, KTU Faculty of Medicine, Pazarkapı, Trabzon High School, Yomra district; Kanuni Training and Research Hospital and Yomra district center, Akçaabat district in the center of Akçaabat filling ATMs, Trabzon Electronic Card 5, 10, 20 and 50 TL can be loaded. Citizens who do not have Trabzon Electronic Card required to use municipal buses can also obtain Trabzon Electronic Card from these ATMs. Trabzon Electronic Card, which can be obtained in exchange for 10 TL, has a balance of 3 TL which provides twice the opportunity to travel in the city. While the use of coins is not used in these transactions, there is no over-the-counter transactions in filling ATMs. Citizens who encounter any problems instantly during their transactions in Trabzon Electronic Card refill ATMs can find solutions to their problems by calling Trabzon Electronic Card Call Center 0533 452 35 70.


Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality made evaluations on the subject. Orhan Fevzi Gumrukcuoglu, reminded that municipal buses have been using cards instead of tickets for a long time. Our people can provide the necessary cards to use our municipal buses from these ATMs, as well as the balance can load the cards. We continue to offer the best service to our people who show great interest to our application in a short time ”.



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