Signboard Rebellion of Visually Impaired

The information signs prepared in Brail alphabet, which includes the line (route) and the name number, placed by the EGO General Directorate on the windows of the closed bus stops for the visually impaired people to travel without the need of anyone's assistance, are constantly destroyed by malicious people and made unreadable.

Visually impaired citizens, kendini Let everyone put ourselves in our place. Those who do so restrict our freedom of travel lü.

EGO officials stated that, in order to assist visually impaired passengers, they posted information signs at the closed stops that they could read, with a line and name number in Brail alphabet, but that at least 150-200 of these signs were either removed or removed each month by some self-aware persons They noted that by tearing the articles were made unreadable.

All 2 bin 100 closed station in Ankara, all of the EMA officials stated that the information signage written in Braille was included in the alphabet. .


Mehmet Sahin, who is actively using public transport, stated that it is possible to travel by public transport without the help of his surroundings and that necessary arrangements can be made. Olmayan EGO's information signs hung on the stands make life easier for the visually impaired. Thanks to the EGO Cepte application and guidance signs, we can use public transport alone. When I come to the stop, I can read the Braille alphabet in the direction I read. But when these are harmed, I have to get help from my environment.

Especially when we are out of the central places, we are in a very difficult situation when there is no one at the station. Please let those who damage these signs that make our life easier should think that they are in our place or that one of their relatives has the same difficulties. Lütfen


Nihat Uçar stated that he worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and traveled by public transport except working hours. He said that more than one thousand visually impaired people were living in Ankara and that most of them went to his home, work and school by using public transportation.

Noting that information boards at the stops facilitate travel at the rate of 80 -90, Uçar said, ına When we come to the stop, we get information about the place where we will go easily. For those who damage this sign, I want to think again, Onun he said.

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