New generation freight wagons in the new era from TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ the largest freight wagon manufacturer in Turkey, far from the 1939 21 thousand years of trouble-ra I bakımon production of freight cars and freight cars around 343 thousand and made its revision. . We have completed the technical and technical trainings of our employees while renewing our technical infrastructure with the investments we have made in recent years. in our factory bogie welding robot, robotic blasting plant, dyeing plant and a large number of cars in the modern gear, our boxcar sector consists of CNC machines we are the best equipped company in Turkey. "he said.

Koçslan, 2015-2019 years, from design to design and production will be domestic and national, in accordance with the needs of the industry, railway vehicles according to the technical requirements of the operating conditions (TSI) 12 different types of wagons and 3 different types of bogies said they plan to mass production.

The company's TSI-certified Rgns, one of Europe's most light and multi-purpose wagons, and Europe's lightest container transport wagon, which is a completely national design, are equipped with Sgns, Talns-type ore transport wagons and Zacens Type heated cistern wagons, stands out.

The certification process for the Closed Generation Wagon (Talns) and Heated Tanks Wagon (Zacens) was completed. TÜDEMSAŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors informed the following information: AŞ Our company is the project manager of the New Generation National Freight Wagon Project, one of the three important pillars of the National Train Project. As a result of the studies carried out over the 2 year, it has been decided to build the New Generation National Freight Car, Sggmrs type, H-type three bogie, articulated, bogie integrated (compact), container transport wagon. H type bogie was produced and all tests of bogie were completed. The prototype production and certification studies of the railcar body continue and the 2017 units will be produced in this 150 to the TCDD.

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