Traffic training for private public transport drivers in Ankara

Traffic training for private public transport drivers in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide trainings to various segments of the community within the scope of its social responsibility projects. In this context, “Traffic Safety, Safe Driving and Social Responsibility“ training was given to the drivers of Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTA) working in Ankara's public transportation network by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The training was carried out in the Metropolitan Municipality with the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Municipalities, Mukhtars and Non-Governmental Organizations and Ankara Police Department.

Police Officer Murat Kalın reminded the drivers of ELV using the traffic actively that they have legal responsibilities as well as the difficulty of their work. "You have a life, so you have control and surveillance responsibilities," Kalin said, "You are responsible for the control and surveillance of every passenger you take." Kalın made the following warnings:

. As a nation we are compassionate, an old passenger may say, 'My son, download me at this intersection, I'll walk too far' but there is no overlay in the intersection. It is also prohibited under the relevant article of the Highways Traffic Law. Mercy and the passenger you crossed a car can cross when crossing. This business also has legal responsibility. Never bring passengers in the intersection, lower your passenger in the pocket on the far right of the road and secure them. A moment of carelessness can cause a traffic accident. Don't risk your life or anyone else's life. Do not open the doors of your bus before it stops at the door of your vehicles, hot weather. Alar


Dır Traffic is everyone's common use. We want to be part of the traffic from the moment we leave the house, we want to, erek said Murat Kalın, the most active element of the vehicle-road and environment elements that constitute the traffic, pointed out that the human. Thick, y We drive, we become a driver, we ride into the passenger, we start walking on foot. Man is such an entity that makes the tool, makes the path, the tool that will use the path is the human. For the traffic system to work well, the improvement of the human element is very important. Trafik

Murat Kalın, who also watched traffic accidents taken from MOBESE images, informed the traffic drivers, rule violations and risk behaviors, the results of not wearing seat belts and the harms of using mobile phones while driving.

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