Route Change in Some Bus Lines in Antalya

In Antalya, some bus routes were changed. The route was changed by LF09-LF10 and UC11 bus lines by the Department of Transportation.

The routes of the LF09 and LF10 lines have been extended as Tourism Road-Hotels-Kundu after Güzeloba as of March 5.
With the change made on the UC11 line, the route of this line was extended from the East Garage to the Square. The change was implemented earlier this week.

New routes in LF09-LF10

LF09 Kepez-Ünsal-Akdeniz Industry-Şafak-Yeşilyurt-Gülveren-Kültür-Teacher's House-Faculty of Medicine-Meltem-Education Research Hospital-100.Year-Markantalya-East Garage-Citrus-Kırcami-Terracity-Muratpaşa Municipality-Shelter-Güzeloba- Tourism Road-Hotels-Kundu

LF10 Kepez-Ünsal-Akdeniz Sanayi-Şafak-Yeşilyurt-Gülveren-Kültür-Teacher House-Faculty of Medicine-Meltem-Education Research Hospital-100.Yıl-Güllük-PTT-Cumhuriyet Square-East Garage-Cebesoy Street-İsmet Gökşen Street-Bülent Ecevit Street-Freedom Boulevard-Güzeloba-Tourism Road-Hotels-Kundu

New route of UC11 line:
Meydan-12.Cadde-Citrus-East Garage-Markantalya-100.Yıl-Yıldız Caddesi-Education Research Hospital-Meltem-Medical Faculty-Gülveren-Uncalı-Altınkum-Sealife (Return of Güllük-PTT-Cumhuriyet Square)

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