In Belgium train crash, 1 dead 20 injured

📩 16/12/2018 15:59

Train accident in Belgium, 1 dead 20 injured: 100 passenger died and 1 heavy injured in the accident that occurred after the train, which was stated to have 5 passengers in the train, near the capital of Belgium, Brussels.

The accident occurred right after the passenger train, which made the Brussels Liege train departure, at 12:20 am local time, departing from Leuven station, 30 kilometers east of the capital.

According to the first determinations, 2 person was killed and 1 passengers, 5 of them were seriously injured, in the accident where 20 railcars of the train were off the rail.

100 passengers on the train during the accident was announced. Following the accident, the train service between Brussels and Liege was stopped.

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