Syrians Wanting to Get on a Tramway without Compensation

Syrians wishing to take the tram without paying a fee 2 injured the person: In Konya, the people who want to ride on the tram without paying a fee in the fight between young people who were injured in 2 people were stabbed.

The incident occurred at the Aydınlık tram stop in Aydınlıkevler District of the central Selçuklu district around 20.00:XNUMX. According to the information received, Furkan O. and his friend Oğuz K. argued about the question of talking to the Syrians they met while walking on the street. The debate, which began orally between the two groups, ended after further growth. Then Furkan O. and Oğuz K. met the Syrians they had previously discussed at the stop they went to take the tram. Furkan O. and Oğuz K., according to the allegations, a fight broke out according to the Syrians who wanted to enter the tram stop without reading a card. During the fight, FO was stabbed in the back and Oğuz Kaya in the abdominal cavity.

Police officers and ambulances were sent to the scene upon the warning of the citizens. When the suspects fled after the fight, the first intervention of the injured 2 young people were made by the health officers at the scene. Furkan O. Konya Education and Research Hospital, one of the most severe wounded, Oguz K. Necmettin Erbakan University Meram Medical Faculty Hospital.

At the scene of the police found 1 pieces knives, launched the study to catch the suspects fleeing.

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