Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone to Invest

Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone to Invest: Sivas Governor Davut Gül met with businessmen who will invest in Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone.

In addition to Governor Davut Gül, Tudemsas General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan, Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Mehmet Nebi Kaya and businessmen attended the meeting organized in Sivas Provincial Special Administration Council Meeting Hall. Before the meeting, businessmen introduced themselves and gave information about the sector they would invest in.

Speaking at the meeting, Gül stated that the process has continued in the second organized industrial zone and said ım We wanted to explain the works in progress and we wanted to share the developments regarding you with the public. Our work had begun long before, but the 4-5 month gained momentum with you. Under the auspices of our President, there is a project of employment mobilization that started last week. In the 2 million people across Turkey is scheduled to be additional employment. In Sivas, at least 15 thousand people should be employed. The greatest instrument in our hands; to develop the business of entrepreneurs who are doing business in the organized industrial zone;

Rose, the second organized industrial zone of the railway lines to go to all the parcels of important developments occurred and the General Director of State Railways to come visit and said that the review.

Both said that Turkey, as well as do good works in Sivas Rose, "in Sivas, Turkey's fingers entrepreneurs have shown, enterprise companies, if they want such an investment in Sivas and Industrial Zone to trust Demirağ Organized Turkey this us also makes our citizens very happy. In this respect, I would like to thank you once again. Bu

Financial Minister Naci Agbal's visit to our province in the past weekend, the problems were conveyed to the Minister Agbal said. We will sit with you and consult with you and determine our road map from now on. Bunlar

Gul also reminded President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's call to businessmen and said, “We wish that businessmen would not postpone their investments in this process and added that; ”We will not forget those who invest in this process,“ he said. Mr. President, what he promised this nation, he stood behind him. That means; If you invest now, this nation and the state will surely give you your sacrifice. That's what you think about coming here. If something happens to us, we'il do it. The Prime Minister is very interested in Sivas. Mr. President is already loving Sivas. We do not have any obstacles in our bureaucratic sense. We will only set a road map. Ğ

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