Old Wagons Come to Life in TUDEMSAS

old wagons come to life in tudemsasta
old wagons come to life in tudemsasta

GBS type closed wagons, which are idle in the TCDD vehicle park, are converted into Lgs type container wagons by TÜDEMSAŞ and brought back to the economy.

The number of 2014 wagons, which were transformed in the Wagon Repair Factory in 218 by the project of TÜDEMSAŞ R & D team, was completed and put into service for the railways. Completed within the scope of the project, which was carried out for the transformation of 308 Gbs type wagons in total, the wagons were started to be used in container transportation. It is stated that the works carried out on behalf of the reintegration of the idle 90 wagons are continuing.

old wagons come to life in tudemsasta
old wagons come to life in tudemsasta

(Yuksel MENEKSE - Our Sivas)

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  1. If the closed wagons that are converted into container wagons are older than 20, they must be made again. closed wagons need to turn into service wagons. Even if the technical life of the wagon has not expired, the axles are tired and broken. do not take risks because the factory will earn 3 penny


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